A well-known saying says that relatives are not chosen, something that is true. However, with friendship it is different, since true friends are the sisters who choose each other with the soul. The friendship between two women goes far beyond blood, because a person undoubtedly chooses his friends when he feels esteem for the other, that is, he does it by his own decision and when he feels totally convinced that that person will always support her.

For women there is a reality and that is that the relationship between them can sometimes be very complicated, which does not mean that the friendship is not sincere or that they have to live in constant conflict. Aristotle said at the time a very accurate phrase: “friendship is a soul that lives in two bodies; a heart that dwells in two souls”. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your friends, since friendship is like a plant, that if it is not taken care of properly, it simply dries up and dies.

For that reason, here we show you 12 golden rules that you should never break with your friend, if you want the bond to last:

1.- Sincerity above all

The best thing you can have in your life is a person who despite everything, whether you bother or not, will not hesitate for a second to tell you the truth. That way, she won’t tolerate too many lies from you either. You should know that with your friend she should always prioritize honesty and even more so when dealing with a serious matter.

2.- Do not go out with your ex

The only thing we cannot know is destiny, but beyond the fact that in the heart it is not sent, avoid as much as possible going out with your friend’s ex-partner. It doesn’t matter if he was her teenage sweetheart or if she dated him alone for a while. Anyway, if you now feel attracted to him, you must first keep in mind that a friendship is worth more than any infatuation, because your friend will never leave you.

3.- Take care of your reputation

When you hear some kind of negative comment behind your friend’s back, the first thing you should do is tell her what is happening, more than anything so that she is prepared or knows who to trust. And of course, if you have the opportunity to defend it, do it without hesitation.

4.- Do not fight for a man

There is no fight between friends more absurd and horrible than the one caused by a man. Before continuing with these pointless discussions, you should keep in mind that the friendship between you is worth much more than any gallant. And if for some reason, the guy she’s dating isn’t to your liking, just be patient and support her. Remember that seeing your friend happy is the main thing.

5.- Do not lose contact

As we get older, the responsibilities also grow, because that can sometimes make it more difficult to see your friend all the time, but that does not mean that you should completely lose contact with her. You can call or text her, agree on a day to see each other or go out together and catch up that way.

6.- Cuidala

Worry about her health, however don’t abandon her and less when she is in a drunken situation, don’t let her go alone in that state and much less in the middle of the night. It’s nice to know that you always have someone to count on in difficult times and in the worst too.

7.- Do not share photos where it looks bad

Although it sounds insignificant, who would like to go wrong in a photo? Of course to no one and less on social networks, for that reason do not share photos if she looks bad. Loyalty must prevail with your friend and if you plan to do that as a joke, you should know that it could be in very bad taste, because your contacts have no reason to see those things. If you want to upload a photo where you think it didn’t turn out very well, ask first.

8.- Keep your secrets

One of the things they do between friends is to tell each other the most intimate secrets, and you should keep that as well as a treasure, so avoid talking about the details of your friend’s life at all times. Before doing so, remember that you would not like them to do the same to you.

9.- Apoyala

Being there to support your friend is one of the most valuable things you can do for her, either because she has ended a relationship or because she has lost a loved one, because in those cases is when she needs your support the most. But also in other areas you should support her and celebrate her achievements, as a true friend you should share her joy.

10.- Ayudala

Friends always help each other in whatever is necessary, so if your friend needs a favor, never hesitate to offer her your support. All humans, at some point need another person to help us solve our problems. Remember: today for you and tomorrow for me.

11.- Do not tell him about his appearance

The last thing we want is to hurt our friend, for that reason, always tell her the truth about her appearance, give her your honest opinion. It is preferable that you tell her before seeing her being teased, and on the other hand, you would not like her to do the same to you if some garment does not suit you.

12.- Forgive

As they say, to err is human, so if your friend has made a mistake that has made you angry, but recognizes that she made a mistake and approaches you or looks for a way to apologize, forgive her, forget what happened and move on together. It is important to value friendships, because there may be dislikes between you, but at the end of the day, your friend is the only person who will always be by your side. For that reason value her and always support her.

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