We already know that men and women are not the same in many aspects (and perhaps therein lies much of the difficulty and charm of forming a couple).

We and they are in the same world, we are capable of almost everything in the same way, but normally we act differently before many things: the relationship, work, fun and life.

Although we have a lot of confidence in a man (sometimes, a long-term relationship) there are certain things that we want to know, but we don’t ask, because of embarrassment or discomfort. (There are occasions when we ask, but the answers obtained are very poor).

These are some questions that many of us want to know about them, but usually do not ask (and that would be very interesting to know).

1. Do you prefer women with large but operated breasts, or small and natural ones?

According to a quick survey on web pages, they prefer the second option… but this answer does not explain why they are virtually stunned by visibly “tuned” models and actresses. In other words, this question has two answers: the one they say and the one they show.

2. This question goes along the same lines as the previous one: Do you prefer a woman with a pretty face or a statuesque body?

They will probably say the first option… but they howl when they see a stunning woman with a spectacular body, but not such a pretty face. Another mystery or rather, two answers: the one they say and the one they show.

3. You meet a man, they go on the first date. Do you prefer to pay them or that each one pays their own?

Awkward moment if any. The ideal would be to fix this issue in advance, but conservative men prefer to pay them.

4. The “mother of all questions”: Why do they touch their private parts so much and often without any dissimulation? Does it itch, does it hurt, do they move? Can’t they go to a discreet place to do it?

If you ask them, some will tell you that their “package” is too big and needs to be rearranged and there are misguided people who talk about hygiene problems. Some scientists believe that it is a trait that survived from ancient times, when this action allowed the testicles to be kept at a suitable temperature to ensure the life of the sperm. In fact, in cold seasons it is almost unconscious for men to put their hands on their crotch, as it is a mechanism to keep their intimate area away from the cold. In the same sense, constantly putting their hands in that area was a protection mechanism, since in prehistoric times men only used loincloths and had to protect themselves with their hands.

5. How much sex do they want per week? Twice, once, every day?

The frequency of sexual relations depends on many causes and circumstances and also changes: at the beginning of the relationship, the frequency is two or three times greater than when a certain stability has been achieved. Male preferences at this point vary quite a bit with age: a teenager will always want to have sex and gradually that desire decreases. It also changes the type of relationships and consideration towards your partner, so the progression seems to be: less quantity, but higher quality.

6. Why do they like porn so much?

Like almost everything on the sexual plane, this question has several answers. First of all, porn offers men a fantasy world where they are not forced to meet anyone and there is no need for romance, plus everything always works out. In addition, in porn, men have a position of power and in which social status or economic power does not matter: he is just sex.

7. Really: What do they think of us when we are menstruating? Does it dislike them or is it indifferent to them?

There really isn’t a single answer. Many experience a kind of pity (“it’s hard to be a woman”) and others ignore the issue (“exaggerate”). As for the possibility of having sex at that time, the responses ranged from total rejection, in most cases, to “why not?”.

8. Probably not all of them, but they seem like the majority, why do they always want us to send nude photos?

Sometimes there is not even an established relationship, but they still insist. Some scholars think that it is a way to gain power over you and others that they only do it to masturbate. In all cases, think very well before doing it: you never know where a photo sent by networks can end up and what it can be used for.

9. You have a boyfriend or husband and he knows it, but he still tries to have something with you and he insinuates himself without hiding. Why?

Seriously, it’s very annoying. Although there can be many reasons for this, it is probably due to a primal instinct of competition (“see what you are missing”). Put it in its place or ignore it.

10. We all have work, obligations and thousands of things on our minds… and so do we. Why do they never pay attention to what we tell them, especially details and dates? Why can we and they can’t?

Men and women have different abilities and focus on different things, so what comes naturally to you takes twice as much work for them.

11. Why is it that they dedicate the same romantic songs to all their girlfriends?

Rather it seems that the answer is this: they dedicate the topic to themselves or that their repertoire is very limited.

12. The relationship ends, each for their part. Why then do they become obsessed and don’t stop pestering her ex even though she already has a partner?

It is difficult for a man to accept the end of a relationship. Although they seem happy (“I’m finally free”, “it was what I expected”, “I’m finally going to be able to live”), after a short time they become aware of things and can annoy their ex with very silly things (“? Don’t you remember where I usually leave such a thing?”). In other cases, it is a form of possession.

And the list can be very long… they are so special…

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