Let’s get drunk and fuck.

You know what’s cool? hot sex

On this, I think we can all agree.

Two (or more) people get together, want to get to something more, take off their clothes , stimulate each other’s genitals and, in an ideal world, there are orgasms for everyone.

However, in the movies , sex is exclusively erotic and seductive. There are curtains billowing, and women who can orgasm simply from a man kissing his collarbone during foreplay.

In porn you see amateur men and slim women, all of them with hard and normal bodies, who do it energetically, hardly breaking a sweat . It’s the sexiest type of aerobic activity out there, and if you know how to do it right, sex can be a beautiful dance.

But that’s not the kind of sex I love the most.

I love sex that’s a little, well, sloppy. I love sex when I’ve had a round of whiskey and my head is floating.

I love the kind of sex where you wake up the next morning and wonder where the hell my pants are. The kind of sex where she is on top of you is completely off limits.

Drunk or altered sex is the best kind of sex there is, and I defy anyone to tell me anything different.

I’m not saying you should have drunken sex in the dark.

Plus, binge drinking probably means you’ll be hit with a nasty hangover and I think we can all agree that a hangover is proof that the devil is real and he hates us all.

Tell me if it’s not true?


Why drunk sex is amazing

1. There’s no question that enough cocktails will strip you of all inhibitions, which means you’re much more likely to take off your clothes when you’re a little out of sorts.

2. You will have sex without worrying about what others think about your naked body. Light on? Who cares!

3. Let’s face it: Unless you’re one of those sad, angry drunks, you’re the funniest version of yourself when you get criticized.

4. Since you don’t have to beat around the bush (metaphorically or literally) when two people are drunk, you get to the fun stuff a lot quicker than you otherwise would.


5. Alcohol is the best way to lube up a night out: Put someone’s pants on and get to the part of a date (or random hookup) where you can use the actual lube.

6. You also don’t have to worry about how good she feels in bed. She’ll think she’s a grade A goddess in her own esteemed drunken opinion.

7. It also means that you are more open to experimenting.

8. Nothing seems out of the question when you’re intoxicated, so you’ll have fun letting your flag fly and inviting your partner to do the same.

9. Drunken sex is also the ideal platform, to try some crazy acrobatic moves so you can cite anything other than “missionary” or “doggystyle” as your favorite position without lying.

10. You might even do something totally outside of your boring and sober comfort zone, like role play, BDSM, or anal.

11. And because drinking is completely legal, you can suggest it without being judged, while whipping out a joint or crack pipe can turn your partner off.

12. After drinking enough bottles of wine and/or shots of tequila, you might find yourself producing and starring in your own sex tape, which you can use to boost your career one day and/or blackmail your hookup (if things work out). that way).

Bonus tip: No, don’t do this.

Don’t drink too much though

Drinking so much that your penis is not able to respond is a big bummer. That means no sex, even if you want it.

But all sex doesn’t have to be about having an orgasm, heck, all sex doesn’t even have to be about penile penetration.

Fingers are magical and mouths are very close to magicians when it comes to performing sexual acts on each other. So a case of whiskey dick isn’t always the worst case scenario.


I think that when we have sex while drunk we are less concerned with how to seek perfection, thinking that this is how sex should be, and we allow ourselves to delight in each other’s bodies in a totally authentic way.

Sleepy, drunk, full-stomach sex isn’t about orgasms, it’s about love, affection, and connection.

You can also create this connection by asking the right sexual questions.

And I have put together a list full of ready-made questions, for your girl to answer in the best possible way. She doesn’t even have to be drunk or crazy.

Learn more about this list here…

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