It often happens that we meet a man who immediately attracts us because of his physique, or that we meet through social networks and immediately believe that he is the one, it may be that on first dates it seems so, but as time passes Over time you realize that it has some things that you do not like, or that simply do not go with your principles, that is where reason must prevail over the heart, or else the consequences could be dire, maybe not at first, but yes over time. When you start dating someone, after the “magic” of the first encounters you can begin to identify behavior patterns that may be signs of a bad relationship, through research we have managed to detect 12 reasons why you should stay away from a man.

1. He is a liar, men who have a history of being liars, usually show signs of insecurity, such as not looking you in the eye, he smiles at other women when he talks to you, when you ask him something he always goes off on a tangent and never he answers your questions, when he is cornered he always acts offended. These are some of the lies that married men always tell to get what they want: “I’m getting a divorce” is the most used, “I haven’t left her for my children”, “she has a heart disease”, just to mention a few. . 2. He is not the man we thought he was, what happens is that as you treat him you can realize that he does not meet the characteristics of the ideal man for you, in reality he turned out to be the opposite of what you are looking for.

3. You realize that he is in love with another woman, when a man is in love with another woman it is not worth spending our time thinking that maybe we can make him fall in love with us, that is wasting time.

4. Lack of maturity, it is really frustrating to have a relationship with an immature man, they rarely talk about their feelings, most of the time they only talk about their needs, despite appearing self-confident, they need a lot of attention and samples of permanent love, they find it difficult to sustain a solid commitment.

5. Bad relationship with the family, we know that some members of our family can become a bit annoying at times, but this type of man will not like anyone in your family, he will find fault with everyone. We must keep in mind that at the end of the day when he leaves, the only thing that will remain in our lives is the family, no man who leads you to distance yourself from your family is worth it. 6. Breaks promises, you should never forget a promise and break it, we are not perfect and perhaps for reasons beyond our reach we will not be able to fulfill any, but if he constantly breaks his promises it is because he is not interested, if so he will worry about being good with you

7. Kill the conversations, your partner is your confidant, it is one of the best things that the relationship has, but if every time you want to tell him something he simply does not show interest, it is time to end that relationship because it is not worth sharing the life with someone who is not interested in knowing what we think or how we feel and who only talks about what happens to him.

8. He is abusive, rude and violent, under no circumstances should we accept any type of abuse, whether physical, verbal or psychological, at the first sign of violence you should get as far away from this person as possible, no one who claims to love you should hurt you, otherwise doing so I assure you that you will live a real hell that can even cost you your life.

9. Fight constantly, we know that in a relationship not everything is rosy and that all couples argue from time to time, what’s more, some experts say that to a certain extent fighting as a couple is healthy, since they bring them closer together, but if the lawsuits are constant, then it becomes a problem because it is stressful and exhausting to live in constant discord.

10. You stopped being his priority, for a relationship to work, both parties must contribute half and half each of those involved, otherwise things will never work, if you noticed that lately he no longer shows the same interest in you, Maybe it’s because he has new priorities. When a person no longer cares about you, it is useless to try to keep them by your side, this will only bring us pain and suffering, we must be brave and dare to walk away. 11. He does not feel respect for the elderly, nor for animals, a noble being is with any species, whether human or animal. When a person hates animals, he only shows his empathy, I assure you that this person will not mind harming a defenseless being when he has the opportunity.

12. He does not make you feel valued, your defects bother him excessively, to the point that he makes you see them constantly, makes you feel bad about yourself, it seems that everything you do is wrong for him, however he can be the same and do everything you like and you must accept everything without complaints, if you stay in a relationship like this, I assure you that you will end up frustrated and with your self-esteem on the ground.

Surely there are more reasons to move away, in the end the important thing is that when we have a relationship it gives us more smiles than tears, otherwise it is better to leave, we must always remember that we come to this world to be happy and that we should never give up, have faith, the right person is waiting for you, do not despair, always remember that everything comes at the right time, neither before nor after, and that God’s timing is perfect.

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