It doesn’t matter how many nights you’ve spent watching Nexflix with your partner, without moving on to something else.

But just as people age and change over time, the same can happen with your sex life: something that may have excited you when you made it official by posting it on Facebook may no longer be the same for you right now.

Experts say that the key to a happy sex life is to switch things up and set your own sexual “rules” as the relationship progresses.

But, of course, these “rules” should not be common and unique, because they should also change as your relationship evolves.

At first, everything is smooth and wonderful, and it’s easy to feel emotionally and physically attracted to your partner. But over time this can happen to the point where your sex life suffers.

And that’s not to say that all multi-year relationships lead to trouble in the bedroom (in fact, there’s research that says it’s possible to be sexually and emotionally attracted to your partner for decades). But studies say that the couples who try new things are the couples who end up having a satisfying relationship.

Even if the relationship is already satisfying, putting a little more effort into the relationship can help make the relationship even stronger.

So what are some tips, tricks, and “rules” to include in your sex life? In this article I will give you different tips. Now everything depends on you if you put them into practice or not.

1. Sex is not only practiced in the bedroom

Sex can not only be practiced in the room, maybe you can go for a walk one weekend to relax, but when you return home you realize that you want to have sex, but you can say that it is not correct, but if you want my advice …

Just do it!

Don’t hold back and don’t worry about having sex on the couch or the kitchen counter (as long as no one else is home). Show your partner that you want her.

And you will see how this could break the already established mold, and if you think that your partner would not like it, then you simply do not know your partner.

2. Schedule a day for sex- Literally

This at first may sound stupid and not at all stimulating, but sometimes you should set days to have sex, because that way your partner will know what days they will have sex.

And this in your partner can create a prelude to knowing that when he gets home, he will already know what will happen, and this could be exciting for her.

As they take on more responsibilities, it’s all too easy to put sex on the back burner. The problem is , when you do it for a long time, you or your partner may feel disconnected, and suddenly realize you have some major relationship issues to work out.

Commit to having sex a certain number of times a week or a month, and do it no matter how busy or tired you are.

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3. Apply the Kamasutra

Even if you don’t know what it is, Google Kamasutra , seriously, it can give you a lot of ideas like how to have sex with your partner. And this will be useful to get out of the monotony, and you will see how fun sex can be.

You must talk with your partner to know how willing they are to do new things, and then your job will be to put into practice a new position once a month. And if Kama Sutra isn’t your thing, you can try standing poses, poses from behind, or any other variation that appeals to you.

The key is not to fall into monotony.

4. Plan A ”Sexholiday”

Even if you’re married and saving up for a trip to Disney with the kids, time alone as a couple is a priority, and you’ll need to unplug from everyday stress and responsibilities.

A sex vacation (yes, a vacation where your only plan is to have sex whenever you want) will recharge your sex life.

Book a nice cabin in the woods or a luxurious hotel room for the weekend. Pack up your favorite toys and sexy outfits, leave your phones and other devices at home, and enjoy time with your lady.

5. Eliminate quickies (at least for a short time)

In some places they are known as a quickie, or a quickie, but this type of sex is not entirely healthy, because they are only small snacks before the main course, but when you only settle for snacks, this can turn off the passion between the two. two.

Sex is about feeling connected to your partner and being intimate. And while quickies and discreet sex can be fun at times, longer sex can pay off big in terms of intimacy and pleasure. Make sure you have time to enjoy good sex.

6. Step up your sexting game

Instead of creating simple fantasies about the plumber or the milkman, you should make your messages a little more kinky, and be too explicit about what you will do to your partner.

Describe “what a dirty mind you have and what are you going to do to it tonight”

You can keep this game going all day long, and when your woman comes home that night, she can get very horny. And she will already be wet, I assure you.

7. Not everything should be at night

Maybe they are only used to having sex at night, or maybe in the morning, but if you want the sexual life in your relationship to stay alive, the time they have to do it must also change.

Now if the time factor does not allow you to have sex in the morning, for example, a quickie can be a solution, but telling your partner that Sunday morning you will do it in the morning, can create a certain level of emotion between the two. Because they will be getting out of the routine.

8. Find porn you both like

Maybe you are already a porn expert (with knowledge of the most amazing porn movies on Youporn and Pornhub. (Talking about porn with your girl can be both weird and exciting).

And if you don’t think your girl likes porn, don’t forget that there is a huge variety, so it may just be a matter of figuring out what she likes.

Pornography has come a long way in recent years in [terms of] diversity and quality, and there is a huge variety available, ranging from everything from action porn to porn movies featuring pirate ships, space odysseys, and even from Hollywood.

Make sex sexy, and to spice things up, buy some strawberries, champagne, and maybe some sex toys.

9. Have angry sex

If your parents always told you never to go to bed angry, you might want to make an exception for your partner. Because, as some people already know, angry sex can be very, very hot.

The part of the brain that is triggered in anger is the same part that is triggered during sex. Therefore, it’s natural to want to have sex when you’re angry, especially if you haven’t made it up to your partner.

10. Play it every day

Sometimes concentrating on non-erogenous zones can be more erotic than making love every day. Touch her, give her a hug and give her a kiss.

In addition to improving the physical connection, studies say that it can help improve the relationship in general and help improve satisfaction with your partner, consider a non-sexual activity that requires physical contact, such as a massage.

Buy massage oils and create the perfect environment by turning off the lights, lighting candles and getting completely naked.

Take your time rubbing and massaging your partner. Get as close as you want to your breasts, butt, and vagina, but don’t touch them.

After they have spent an hour or two massaging her, they can enjoy sex filled with lots of massage oil.

And she will be completely wet and turned on. Trust me. 😉

11. Apply give and take

If one of you is much more generous than the other and that has been good for the relationship, incredible. But that doesn’t mean that changing those roles from time to time is a bad idea, especially if you want to have a unique experience.

Decide what role each will “play” for the night, and then have another night where they reverse roles. People often get caught up in the roles they play in bed, so it’s best if your partner knows that you’re a chameleon in bed.

12. Have a candid discussion about how to improve the relationship.

Ok, first of all. Not many couples are positive about this. However, this may work for some couples.

Talking about not being monogamous doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly going to have an open relationship. In fact, simply talking about your desires and fantasies outside of the relationship and your curiosity about new things can bring you closer together.

And this can be very exciting, because you will know the fantasies that your partner has, and they will be able to see the relationship from another perspective.

The problem with monogamy is that we accept it as a default setting. And this will not result in both being able to modify certain rules. So talk to your partner about his fantasies, and you’ll have plenty of material for the next meeting.

13. Talk about each other’s sexual fantasies

Instead of getting into bed and reading his Kindle or checking Instagram every night, he finds a way for some fantasy to be born that night when he goes to bed.

In long-term relationships especially, you can ignore your partner’s fantasies over time, and asking about them can bring you closer together.

You can even write down your fantasies, if that’s easier for you.

You can write your fantasy on a card, fold it up, put it in a fantasy box, and choose it from time to time to try something new. This pushes you both to have a different scene for sex, or it can even be a good topic of conversation at night.

You can also show it to him, with porn movies with your ultimate fantasy.

experience and communicate

Sometimes throwing the rules to hell is the best way to recharge your sex life. After all, sex can be practiced in a thousand ways, and each couple will have their own rules and games.

You simply need to learn to be honest with yourself and with your partner.

Experiment by making your own “rules” and trying them out for a while. And of course, don’t forget to ask and find out if you both like what you do.

The Master Method of Sex

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