Who among us does not want to be important to that special person? of course they all want to feel loved. However, the human being must also understand one thing and that is that neither is essential, in some cases, you can’t even become a priority for the other person, just as you think you are. Fortunately, so to speak, there are signs that can help you identify the moment when you have gone from being a priority to being an option for your partner, so pay attention. Surely at some point it has happened to you that you have given all of yourself and even a little more, hoping that this treatment will be reciprocated by your partner, but your good actions have not had the result you want. Without a doubt,

It is more than clear that we all need to always generate relationships or be next to people who we know will have us as a priority, that is, people who know that just as we make them a priority for us, they will also respond in the same way. way, valuing and recognizing every effort we make. Well, in case things don’t turn out that way, it would be time to tell them to get lost.

Here we show you 13 signs that someone shows who does not see you as a priority and is putting you in the background:

Lying is one of the clearest signs. In some cases, it happens that you discover your partner constantly lying about seemingly insignificant things.

They care more about inviting other people to big events or gatherings. Without a doubt, in that case you are an option and not a priority, because it is clearly noticeable when they do not want to take you in public to events such as parties, weddings or birthdays. It can be said that there you have gone from being a priority to something secondary. Another thing that commonly happens is that your partner doesn’t remember almost anything you say when you start telling him about the events you’ve had in your life. Plans are almost always incipient. Imagine that you haven’t heard from your boyfriend and your phone rings late at night, just when you’re going to bed. Then you find messages like: “Do you want to hang out?”, Well, this can only mean one thing and that is that you are his last option to be by his side.

The person who takes you that way is constantly making excuses for your bad behavior. Frequent abandonment is one of the classic reactions of someone who only sees you as an option. There is never time for you, their plans are rushed, and even though they have already made a commitment to you about something you want at a future date, they break it easily. This may mean that you have already found someone else to spend time with. One of the consequences of not being a priority is that often, as a result, the person can feel unhappy. Inexplicably, the person takes too long to respond to a simple text message, in that sense we are talking about several hours or why not, several days. If you were a priority for him, I assure you that it would not take long to get in touch with you. On the other hand, if he only writes to you when it suits him, it is most likely only for an interest that is not you. In many cases, you even avoid making plans with others because you keep waiting to hear from that person. It’s always you who makes the effort. You are always the one in charge of planning that long-awaited meeting. Well, if that’s the case, I’m sorry to tell you that you are definitely not a priority. All the interaction you can have with your partner always takes place behind closed doors. If there are never dates in public places or nights out where you can show off to others, you are not the priority for him. They say you are very needy. Well, this could be a lot of nonsense. When you walk in and do the work yourself, you may be labeled as too needy. In that case take this advice: forget everything, take care of deleting his number and for nothing you return to answer text messages. Just keep going. If the other person doesn’t feel like it and acts like she’s bored when she’s around you, she’s probably thinking about something or someone else. So analyze the situation.

Do not settle for so little, you must know that each person deserves respect and that respect begins with oneself. Do not beg for love, simply if you notice that a person is not giving you what you are looking for, you just have to step aside and continue on your way, that at some point you will find someone who values ​​you.

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