I know that more than once you have asked yourself what do you want to do with your life? And most of us don’t know what we want, because we grow up having very bad patterns to follow; we women saw how our mothers only dedicated themselves to raising children and taking care of the house and only talk about the dreams they had when they were little, men saw how their father always complained about the workplace and the tedious which he was but which he could not renounce due to the obligations he acquired when he married. So these children grow up with fear and without the slightest idea of ​​what they want to do with their lives.

Today we will raise the 15 most frequent questions that we usually ask ourselves to know what we want to do with our lives. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but are afraid of? I am 100% sure that it is, life is so short, what stops you? Maybe tomorrow will be too late or there are things that when we reach a certain age can no longer be done. If there is no damage to third parties and it does not harm you, why not do it? What you do Who do you do it for? We should really analyze for whom and if it is really what we want to do and if not, we are totally free to change and do what we really like.

Are you satisfied with your economic situation? If not, you can do something about it, remember that only you can change that situation, you just have to trust your abilities and put fear aside.

What would be the story you wanted them to tell about you when you are no longer in this world? We would all like to leave an indelible mark, a story worth telling and for which our descendants feel proud.

What motivates you to continue living? We all have a reason, whether consciously or unconsciously, it is what gives meaning to our existence. What are the values ​​you appreciate in your loved ones and friends? We must be very clear about them, for example with friends so that we can be with those with whom we truly identify and therefore bring us well-being.

What do you love most and what do you do to preserve it? Many of us love something or someone but instead of showing it we take it for granted that that person knows it and we do not cultivate that love; and when it comes to something we love to do (practice a sport, cook, paint, play an instrument…) we put it aside for trivial things that we don’t like in the end and we only do them perhaps because of social pressure.

Which of your attitudes would you like to change or modify? Perhaps there is one that you know is harmful and yet you continue to practice it, it is a good time to reflect and change.

Is there a difference for you between living and existing? We have existed for millions of years as a human race and we exist because we have a body and a brain far superior to that of other living beings that inhabit the globe, thanks to it we have evolved to the degree in which we find ourselves at this moment. Life, living can be summed up in a moment, a beautiful day, a year of great personal achievements; In short, it is taking advantage of every moment, it is not looking for an explanation for everything you see, just enjoying it and being happy with what you have. Is there a person right now that doesn’t allow you to move forward? Toxic people usually don’t like others to outdo themselves and are always blocking us, we must get away from them as quickly as possible before it’s too late.

What is it that defines me? Every time we think of other people we always do it through certain characteristics that define them (personality, appearance, motivation). We do all this based on comparisons. What if we do that to ourselves? We should be very clear about the characteristics that we possess and why we are what we are.

What character or person do I identify with? All of us at some point in our lives see ourselves reflected in another person, this is normal to a certain extent; Taking into account what we value in these people and why we reached that conclusion can help us know where we are and where we want to go.

What is maturity for me? Regarding this concept, there are different types of interpretations about what it means to grow psychologically and emotionally. For some, growing up means boredom and monotony, while others want to reach a high level of maturity.

Do I want to change or do I want others to change? Most of us want both, but you must take into account that changing others is an almost impossible task; it is important that if we are not comfortable with who we are, where we are and what we have at this moment; We and only we can change it. Change occurs when we are aware that the way we have behaved until today does not satisfy us. Is there something from your past that does not allow you to move forward? It is necessary to know when a stage of our life is over; If for some reason you insist on staying in it beyond the necessary time, then you lose the joy and the meaning of the rest. We must learn to close circles, chapters, bury the past or whatever you want to call it. The important thing is to close them and let them go. We cannot go around longing for the past, always asking ourselves the same question, the famous Why? What happened happened and we have to let go, let go, we cannot pretend to be children all our lives, nor live yearning for a love that is no longer there. The past is gone, don’t wait for them to realize who you are, free yourself and be happy.

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