The moment has arrived. You can finally say that you met a man who is worthwhile and who catches your attention. It is time to have something much more than just a friendship, since that is what you were looking for and you deserve it. Since they saw each other you already felt butterflies in your stomach and you feel that you are free or you are safe when he is around, and that is why you consider that you have a very special relationship with this man. Already after the first day, the texts begin, the calls during the day and you anxiously await the invitation of the first date.

They tell each other everything, when they wake up, what they are eating, what their next activity is, they even tell each other when they are going to take a shower. The relationship is perfect and you feel that it is going for the long term. You think of all the men who made you suffer before or that you just didn’t like and you thank God for having met this particular man, since you feel so safe with him, doing whatever, whatever, wherever. be. Your life is definitely looking up and you want him by your side forever.

The day has come! The first date! You are so happy and prepared like never before to impress the man. Everything goes perfectly on the date and the time comes for each one to go to their respective homes. When you go back to your house, you talk to him and he just doesn’t communicate in the same way. He doesn’t laugh with you anymore, he doesn’t tell you that the date went well, he doesn’t say good night, he doesn’t even answer certain messages. You, sad, begin to wonder what happened to this man and why did he change his ways so quickly?

Do not worry, this happens to many women and there are several reasons why they are in this situation. Here we will give you 15 reasons why several women find themselves in this situation and are not understanding very well why.

He is afraid of falling in love
The man probably does not want to end up with a broken heart, and if this is the reason, then it has already happened to him and he does not want it to happen again. And that’s why, he slowly walks away.

Think that it is not enough

. Again, the man is afraid that you will reject him once you know him better. He thinks that you deserve more and that you will realize sooner or later.

He doesn’t like your attitude so much.
He thinks that you are very intense already at the beginning of the relationship and that puts some men in a very uncomfortable zone and they start to distance themselves.

He thought you were the one, but he just didn’t know you that well

. He surely had another image of you, and when he got to know you better he realized that you weren’t the woman he expected.

It is difficult for him to maintain a stable relationship
This type of man is not very reliable, since he prefers to always stay in compromising situations but never seriously give everything for a person and receive at the same time. He surely doesn’t feel comfortable in a relationship and doesn’t see himself in a relationship with someone.

He likes his single life more He

still does not want to leave his single life behind, he prefers to enjoy more time before committing seriously to a woman. He doesn’t want to end up hurting the woman, so he walks away and continues with his single life, even if it hurts and it’s not the best way, you should be thankful that it is.

He does not plan to get married.
Surely he does not want to form a family, he simply wants a relationship with rights but without getting married, that way they will not have major commitments, it is simply not on his agenda at the moment.

You remind him of someone

You probably remind him of his ex or a person he couldn’t get along with and ended up hurting each other’s feelings. Now that he has gotten over that person, he doesn’t want to go back to remembering everything that happened.

He gets angry very quickly. He
prefers to get away from you because you don’t want you to have such intense and affectionate feelings with him. He doesn’t want to make you feel bad.

Sexual interest

Most of the time it is usually for this reason. The man is simply looking for a person that he can have sex with without committing to anything and he is definitely looking for a woman who is in the same situation, that way he doesn’t hurt anyone.

The ex
His previous partner is surely still in his life and does not let him go that easily, which makes it more difficult for him to get over her. He prefers not to commit so quickly until he fixes her relationship with her ex.

He goes out with several

He has several dates at the same time and stays with the woman he is most interested in at the end, moving away from the others.

He wanted to go out to have some fun
. A man without emotions, he simply used you to get out of his daily routine. I wanted a little fun.

Just ended a relationship

Your past relationship ended very badly and both of you were hurt. He prefers to take his time this time so as not to make the same mistake.

Bad time in your life
You are just not in a good time in your life. He prefers that his life is stable first and then have a relationship.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is why he’s ignoring you out of the blue. He surely he is not the man for you. He just lives your life until he finds the perfect man for you. Do not insist.

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