When we are completely in love with a person, it is normal for this question to arise: does he like me as much as he does?

Saying “I love you” or “I love you” is very easy, they are just words, but how can you know if they really express a truth? One of the best ways to clear this doubt is to pay attention to their gestures.

There are typical attitudes of people in love and they are much more important.


Some men have a hard time expressing their feelings. Others say “I love you” or “I love you” more easily.

In either case you can doubt their true feelings. Fortunately, these are not only expressed with words, but also with conscious or unconscious actions.

These are some of those signs. 1. Be with you in bad times: Life has good moments and others, precisely in these last ones you can realize if the person next to you really likes you and if he cares about you. If your partner is always present and accompanies you on difficult or delicate occasions, it is because he is in love with you, since only a person in love stays by our side, no matter what the situation is, and is capable of leaving everything to help us. Value this in a relationship, since everything is easier when we have the support of loved ones. 2. If he asks you for advice, it’s a good sign. We only ask for advice from the people we love and trust. If your partner always does it before making an important decision, It’s because he values ​​what you think and takes into account what you say… and he loves you. When he trusts you enough to share his problems and insecurities and ask for advice, it means that he cares a lot about what you think.

3. Accepting the other’s weaknesses and mistakes is a sign of strong feeling. When we meet a person that interests us, we try to show him our qualities to win him over; Over time, defects naturally appear, which can generate conflicts in the couple. If he is in love with you, he won’t mind dealing with your weaknesses. 4. If he pays attention to you and he knows exactly what is happening to you even though you haven’t said anything, it means that he loves you. A person in love is a companion and likes to hear what you have to say, he always wants to know how your day was and is even able to decipher what you feel just by observing your behavior.

5. If he has strong feelings for you, he will do anything to see you and be with you, making time for his duties or neglecting other things. When we really like a person, we miss them so much that we do everything to be with them, it doesn’t matter if it’s just for a few minutes.

6. If he makes plans with you, plans for the future and shares his dreams, it means that he really loves you. The lover wants to take his partner to all places and listens to what you say to know that he would like to meet you. This is for something very simple: everything is better when we are accompanied by the person we love. By making concrete plans in the medium and long term, he reveals to you that you are in a solid relationship and with love very present. 7. If you are sick and he stayed to take care of you, he surely loves you. If you have the flu and he made you a tea, stayed by your side and didn’t even mention the possibility of leaving, it’s a clear sign of good love. 8. People in love often do the impossible to make the other feel good, even if it is complicated for them. This does not mean just buying gifts: If he takes you to a place you want to go, it clearly shows that he not only listens to what you say, but that he has put together a plan to make you happy. The person who loves you makes an effort to prepare dinner for you, get along with your friends and participate in activities that are important to you, in this way he shows that he wants to pamper you and make you happy.

9. When he sees you, his love shows. He directs his body towards you, he approaches and inevitably smiles. The body speaks, even if no words are said.

10. If he loves you, at some point he will give up what he wants to do to please you. Even if he doesn’t like romantic movies, he will agree to watch it with you.

11. There are small actions that reveal true feelings. For example, if he goes to the kitchen he asks if you want a glass of water and if he calls on the phone, he will ask if you need anything. Tiny things, but they really mean a lot.

12. If someone loves you and wants to be with you, they will not be ashamed of you and will introduce you to their friends and family. If he doesn’t want to, it could mean he’s not sure about you yet. Although there could be other reasons for not wanting to do it (religious differences with very strict parents), being ashamed of yourself can be a red flag. 13. Related to the previous point: if he is ashamed of you, he will not approach you in public. See if he likes to approach him when they are in the middle of people or if he shows his affection, holding your hand or hugging you. If he isn’t like that, he may not like you that much, but he may also be too shy in public. 14. When there is true affection, communication is more fluid and permanent. If he only calls you once a week, it’s just to hang out and he barely says anything else, that’s not a good sign. Instead, if he texts you and calls you just because, he probably can’t get you out of his mind and he loves you. 15. Pay attention to his words: if he starts using “we” very often instead of “I”, it means that he already feels you are important and feels that you are together.

Of course there is something very important: if this is a healthy relationship, at any time you can ask about the feelings of both. No one has the right to waste the other’s time or feel something for someone: if they are on the same page and both expect the same from their partner and the future, at some point they should have that conversation.

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