We can have many friends throughout life, but time takes care of carrying out that discarding operation that we do not want to do when we have placed our trust in that person that we believe is special. You have probably given everything for a friend, but when you need her, she is no longer there for you. The friends who are with you when the neon lights shine around you are not the same ones that last when the curtain closes and you have to get off the stage to walk in the mud. That’s when you realize who your friend really is and who never was. We tell you 15 tips to identify “false friends”.

1. The others leave and she begins to speak badly behind her back

She shares, enjoys, is happy and cries with you and the others, but the others leave and that becomes the right moment to bring out all the defects of the They are no longer there to defend themselves. Well, write it down, it is certain that she will do the same when you are not there either. The correct thing is to assume not only in the absence of someone a position with respect to something, but also when it is present.

2. Do not accept contradictions
If for any reason you disagree with any of her opinions, she is already upset, she is not capable of accepting the differences. True friends respect each other’s space, where everyone feels free to be and think as she considers best without having to end the friendship.

If the denial is present and you consider that you should not give her something of yours for whatever reason, she has to respect it if it is real that this decision starts from a solid position of yours and not from selfishness. If she thinks otherwise, she was never your friend. If this does not happen in this way, then it means that she was only by your side for some type of specific interest.

3. He has hypocrisy on the surface

It is impossible for us to get along with everyone. If for some reason we must show diplomacy, it does not mean that we should go to the other extreme and deal with people for whom we do not feel any appreciation or strongly disagree, as if they were our great friends. This is not about having a peaceful coexistence, but about being able to live together and discriminate against what is harmful to us without the need to hurt feelings. It will give you the clue that she is not the friend you think she is if you see her at peace with “God and the devil”.

4. You notice that in his way of addressing you the greeting exaggerates
Fake people have a certain tendency to exaggerate everything, almost as a normal reaction. Seeing you with a friend after a long time of not seeing each other, it is natural that they both hug and get excited for the reunion, but if this friend of yours does it every day, then she denotes a false behavior.

5. She doesn’t keep in mind what you tell her

If there is something that all friends do well, it is to lend us an ear, a shoulder and give advice. Hardly a true friend does not remember something that is important to you and that you have entrusted to her. If she is one of those who forget everything, perhaps the friendship she gives you is not what you thought it was.

6. When her friendship is not based on actions
She is the friend who is with you for any trivial situation, but in that moment when you need a helping hand, she really is not. Only in the moments when we touch the bottom of the well, we know who our true friends are, the ones who will never leave our side.

7. She made new friends and does not include you

If she is alone with you and in those moments when she can share with other friends, you cease to exist for her, then it is not worth it. Her friendship has never been fully given to you.

8. If he judges you
If he doesn’t respect your silences, those secrets that you prefer to keep and he gets upset because you don’t trust him. You need to stay alert, because people with these characteristics are capable of saying everything they know about you out of anger with you.

9. She must always beat you. She

always has to be ahead in everything. If you tell her that she has done well in something, she will tell you something that you cannot overcome. If you have bought something important, she will go for the same thing shortly. The ambition of wanting to always have the same thing as the other and not exactly rejoice from the heart for that dear friend, is the worst sign of envy. Remember that she is the mother of all conflicts in human relationships. You would never build a healthy friendship with someone who behaves like this with you.

10. He seems to take pleasure in your misfortune

You look for her to confide in her about something that happened to you, but she isn’t exactly worried, on the contrary, she even approves of what happened to you, her friendship isn’t worth it.

11. He gives you his word, but does not keep it

It is the most reliable proof. He is incapable of keeping a promise, whether it be keeping a secret or something else concrete. Be careful with her.

12. Your appearance is a reason for false criticism

When what he does is not tell you up front that he does not like how you look or some attitude you took, he simply responds with a forced smile and does not show himself with a sincere attitude, he prefers to treat you ironically .

13. Does not enjoy your achievements with you

A true friend is sincerely happy with you and for you. It comes from the heart to do it. She, however, is cold to you, congratulates you but without much emphasis and it shows.

14. He is not worried about offending you in front of others

15. He doesn’t wait for that moment alone to talk with you about what seemed bad about you or if something absurd happens to you, he doesn’t waste time to tell you. Let everyone see how he makes a fool of you without the slightest consideration. Your flaws and weaknesses are reason enough for her to show you the worst of herself. Take note of these tips and stay away from people who behave like this.

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