Although we are living in an era characterized by a total misrepresentation of this word, the truth is that being a  gentleman  never goes out of style. To be perceived as a gentleman, a man does not have to wear expensive clothes, smoke a pipe, or wear a monocle. He doesn’t need to brag about an extremely high IQ either. What really matters when it comes to being considered a man with all the letters is related to a series of characteristics that, for the most part, refer to temperance and good manners of men. Do you want to know if your boyfriend or husband joins this elitist group? Find out if he has these 16 characteristics.

1) Proper hygiene:  Although he is always well groomed, he prefers to take care of his facial hair and nails at home, visiting beauty salons mainly when he needs a haircut. She realizes that some sites have been created especially for women.

2) Perfect mix:  He is able to find a balance between ease and sophistication, both in his professional career and in private life, and keeps the type behaving in an exemplary manner at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

3) Right words:  Even if you get carried away with fun, try to do without the modern demonstrations of it (often reflected with the word “LOL”). Usually, he opts for real laughs, which he lets out often and with all the grace in the world.

4) Actions before words  You know very well that it is not worth talking in vain and when you make promises, you keep them. He is a perfect example of a reliable and concrete person, who gives the impression of strength and security wherever he goes.

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5) Demonstrated  interest When you are interested in a woman, it doesn’t take long to contact her. So, he makes specific offers (inviting her to dinner, dancing or eating together) and after her date he does everything possible to get her to her house without problems. What happens later?

6) Maintained contact  If you feel like seeing her again, you call her again, and if not, let her know that it was a pleasure meeting her and spending time in her company in a courteous manner (even if the date had actually been). a failure). At the same time, he finds a way to communicate gently and firmly that he is not interested in dating her again.

7) Impeccable manners  He opens doors for women and helps them take off their coats, not because he thinks they are weak, but because he is strong enough to show that he cares about the comfort and convenience of the people around him.

8) Good  reading Prefers to read books instead of newspapers, and although he has his own opinion about everything, he understands that others do not have to share his point of view and helps them express their own beliefs without criticizing them. Although he is good at debates, he never imposes anything on his opponents.

9) Clear priorities  Even when you are trying to conquer a woman, what interests you above all things is to understand her well. She realizes that seduction can be compared to a delicate dance, and understands that only those who occupy a lady’s thoughts can take over any other part of her being.
10) Appropriate courtship  He appreciates women who want to take care of him, but he is not interested in being courted. He enjoys being the one to handle the matter, but he doesn’t need to be dogged by ego issues. Beware: he does not become a “lapdog” for the girls who take advantage of his way of being.

11) Planned Relationships  He does not claim to be anyone’s father or savior, nor to get the role of a blue prince in fairy tales created by women. What he seeks is an equal partner, a partner capable of single-handedly slaying dragons, paying her own bills, and exploring the world alongside hers.
12) Fixed goals  Besides, he doesn’t want a girl to NEED him. Rather, that she WANTS it. He stays away from relationships with interested women, and tries to establish them only with those who long to know him for who he is, and not for other reasons, such as financial security, dreams about a family, etc.

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 3) Absent indecision  He has his own work life, his family and group of friends, as well as his preferred way of preparing meat… And he doesn’t mind at all that a woman shares this characteristic with him. What he likes most in representatives of the opposite sex is the ability to make decisions without hesitation.

14) Honesty above all  You know very well what you want, and what you can’t stand. He is sincere at all times, not only in his contacts with other people, but also with himself, and it is one of the most admirable attributes of him.

15) Pride in his place  Both his way of treating women, and his way of behaving outside of relationships is full of pride (well understood) and dignity that attracts everyone around him. A gentleman can be recognized at first sight, and he knows it.

16) Total manhood  It is impossible to consider him as a “boy”, “boy” or “young man”. He is a man, and as if that were not enough, one who wants to spend his life not with a “girl”, but with a full-fledged woman, willing to enrich his life as much as he can improve hers. Once by her side, he never stops appreciating her… And the best thing he can do for her chosen one is to behave in the same way.

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