In this article, you will read 16 short and quick tips and tricks before you play it. Read this article if you want to read the long version.

This item is only the small version. It is an article that will give you the knowledge to become a finger professional. Just a few extra little tips to make her shiver. And of course this will be only with your fingers.

Enjoy this article and read it twice, so you don’t forget all its content.

1. First things first, make sure your nails are short and smooth around the edges. If your fingers are long and rough, then she will push your hand away. Prepare those ones before you see it.

2. You should also make sure to wash your hands before touching her there. You don’t want to end up giving her an infection instead of an orgasm.

3. Even if you want her to go right to your crotch when she gives you a handjob, start by snuggling close to her and kissing her lips, neck, and breasts. Get her as wet as you can before you take her jeans off.

4. When you take off her jeans, do it slowly to tease her. Then move your hands up and down her thighs, avoiding her pussy entirely. Wait as long as you can to touch it between her legs. And she uses teasing, because it’s the best part.

5. Before you put your fingers inside her, start by rubbing your hand against her clitoris. She tries to back up a bit, and then tries to move your fingers in small circles. She pays attention to her reaction and do more of whatever it is that makes her moan.

6. If you still need additional lubrication, you know what to do. Take out the lubricant. It does not mean that you failed to turn it on. Some women are naturally drier than others.

7. Do not start by pushing all your fingers as if necessary. Start with one finger, and if you seem to be enjoying it, you can use two fingers, and maybe even three.

8. Don’t push those fingers in and out of her over and over again. That won’t make her orgasm herself. You have to bend her fingers once you’re inside her, so you can find her G-spot with the tips of them. Your best bet is to use your index finger and middle finger at the same time and make a “come here” motion until you touch the rough patch that makes her moan.

9. Despite what most men think, women find it easier to orgasm from clitoral stimulation than from penetration. So if you have your heart set on touching her, make sure you use your other hand to keep rubbing her clit.

10. If he has a vibrator, ask him to go get it. You’ll have to find the right patterns to move it, but it will save your fingers a lot of work.

11. If he likes anal, then you should play with his asshole with your little finger. Just make sure to always use different fingers for different holes. Otherwise, you could end up transferring bacteria and giving her a UTI.

12. Be patient. Most women take a while to orgasm, and if you tell her that it bothers you how long it takes, then she will get anxious and not finish in orgasm.

13. Multi-task. Instead of just sitting next to her while moving your hands, lean in and kiss her. The more places you stimulate at once, the faster he will cum.

14. Take off your shirt. Give her something nice to look at, so she doesn’t have to close her eyes and fantasize about fucking your brother.

15. Some women think that male voices are more exciting than the male body, so talk to him. Tell him how sexy he looks and how sexy his moans sound. Then ask him if he likes what you’re doing, so you don’t end up wasting time with a move he can’t stand.

16. After reaching orgasm, remove his fingers and bring them to your mouth to suck on them. That way, she will know how much you love her pussy.

These were 16 tricks to be able to give her pleasure with your fingers. You can find the extended version of the best tricks here.

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