Surveying a potential sexual partner about their “likes” is a classic way to break the ice on a first date. What is your favorite color? Favorite TV show? Favorite drink? But discovering deeper facets of their preferences, like their favorite sexual positions, can take some time to learn. The fact is that when you compare the sexual positions that are practiced in porn and movies, with the sexual positions that people practice in real life, they are not always the same .

Example: reverse cowgirl is often shown in porn, simply because it looks good on camera . But research suggests only a small percentage of people fantasize about that position, according to Sex Researcher. Lehmiller.

A person’s favorite sexual position obviously depends on many factors, such as their anatomy and emotions . And, obviously, there is no “right way” to have sex.

With that in mind, we ask our readers (of our women’s website) to describe their most used sexual positions and the ones that give them the most pleasure, as well as the ones that don’t apply because they don’t find it interesting. The answers can be of great help, because you will know more about the subject.

It will also help you know what women like in bed. So let’s get to know the 17 answers of the women who revealed their favorite sexual position.

Paula, 32

Favorite Position: Missionary.

“It’s not necessarily the most pleasurable, but it’s what feels most intimate.”

Disliked position: “If I had to choose, it would probably be reverse cowgirl.”

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Julia, 20

Favorite position: Submitted.

“It goes so deep, and it hits my G-spot.”

Position that does not like:  «Standing and the cowgirl» .

Miranda, 29

Favorite position: Being fucked on a counter.

“The eye contact, the deep penetration, and I’m small and agile, which makes this very easy to do. It is the perfect position for him to do it with all his might. For me it is the hottest feeling in the world.

Position you don’t like: «Missionary. It is not a position as easy to apply as it is believed. Actually, it is quite difficult and uncomfortable if there is a difference in height.


Caroline, 29

Favorite position: Cowgirl.

“I like to be in control of everything; rhythm and depth.

Disliked position: “Reverse cowgirl.”

Amy, 22

Favorite position: Cowgirl.

“It’s an angle that works for any size cock, and I orgasm 100% of the time from clitoral stimulation. It also gives me a lot of control over the pace and depth of penetration, while still being comfortable enough to hold the position for a long time. In addition, it gives rise to play with the nipples, with the hands or the mouth of your partner ».

Disliked position: “Reverse cowgirl! In real life he is completely unsatisfactory. It’s awkward to get into as the penetration is shallow, and nothing turns me off faster than looking at disgusting feet.”

Kiara, 26

Favorite position: Missionary with legs intertwined.

“It gives better depth and increases the pressure on my clitoris.”

Disliked position: »Cowgirl and doggy.»

Amelia, 26

Favorite Position: Missionary.

“He feels much better in this position in terms of penetration. I like to see her face, and it’s the best position for her to use vibrators (Clitoris) .”

Position you don’t like:  «69. If you are below as a woman ».

Elena, 28

Favorite Position: Missionary.

“That sweet, sweet clitoral stimulation.”

Disliked position: “Reverse cowgirl… but if it works for someone else, I’m fine with that.”

Anne, 20

Favorite position: Leaning Amazon

“There’s a ton of skin-to-skin contact, and it hits the right spots when penetrated. It also provides great opportunities for the person at the top to do things on the back of the person at the bottom.”

Disliked position: «Doggy style».

Alexandra, 18

Favorite position: Doggy, but lying down.

“I like to feel surrounded and get good depth. I also love to be kissed on the back.

Position you don’t like: “I can’t think of any.”

Nicole, 3 7

Favorite position: Coital alignment

“I like his weight on me and the freedom he has to move his hips. She can hug me and kiss my neck ».

Disliked position: «Missionary».

Anne, 32

Favorite position: Doggy style.

“The angle of penetration works very well for me and my partner and our bodies. I also love the feel of his body pressing into my butt.”

Position you don’t like: «I don’t like the cowgirl. I feel uncomfortable”.


Juliet, 27

Favorite position: Cowgirl.

“I am in control and there are many ways to improve the position: putting my boobs in his face or sitting on my knees or my feet.”

Disliked position: «Standing. I can’t concentrate for some reason.”

Emily, 25

Favorite position: Doggy style.

“The feeling is much better and I come better this way.”

Disliked position: «In the shower».

Alexandra, 28

Favorite Position: Missionary.

“The G-spot is on the front wall of the vagina, on the same ‘side’ as the navel. When my legs are pushed back, I curve my spine up and bend my hips so the penetration hits my G-Spot directly. This is also why arching your back during doggy style sucks; although it looks good, it pushes the G-spot away from where penetration occurs.”

Disliked position: “Reverse cowgirl isn’t great, because it’s just as physically demanding as cowgirl, but I can’t see anything but legs. It’s really more for her pleasure.”

Natalia, 31

Favorite position: Lateral position, legs intertwined at an angle of approximately 90 degrees.

“The penis or object is inserted deep enough that one of us can rub the clitoris or use a vibrator (Rabbit) .”

Position you don’t like: “There are many that I don’t like, but I won’t say it.”

Valeria, 29

Favorite position: Doggy style.

“It feels very primitive, I like to get hit from behind.”

Position that he does not like: «The 69».


What can we learn from these answers?


Every woman has different preferences.

I published this article on my website and the amazing thing is that I received these comments.

Sofia, 31: “These young girls have no idea! Reverse cowgirl is the best and my favorite!”

Ximena (response about Sofia), 33: »I thought I was the only one… I am 33 years old, married and have children, but as I kept reading each position that some women do not like, I realized that 80% I was reverse cowgirl… I love a lot of positions and that INCLUDES reverse cowgirl, even my husband was shocked at all those overrated responses!”

Valentina, 39: «I am a married adult woman who loves 69. How the hell do some not like them? Everybody wins!”

Again, this shows that every woman is different.

However, many women did not really like the reverse cowgirl.

And it is a logical answer.


Because most penises are curved and this makes it more difficult to enter during reverse cowgirl. Another reason many women don’t like this position is because it’s not really stimulating for a woman. Because it doesn’t stimulate her G-spot in this position.

However, this position is amazing for men. Not because of the stimulation. No, because that way you can see him from another angle. Seeing your girl’s big ass sitting on your dick. Just by seeing her from behind you can have an orgasm.

So how can you give her maximum pleasure in this position?

Sit in an armchair.

This will make it easier to get into her instead of lying down.

And not only the angle will be easier.

No, this way it’s easier for you to reach her clitoris. You can stimulate her clitoris with your hand or with a vibrator (Mini).

In this way, you can turn this “least used” position into an amazing sexual position.

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