Victor feels cold if they turn down the heat, but if they turn it up he’s dead hot and everything becomes too unpleasant. Suddenly, he begins to feel hungry and, instead of going to the kitchen to prepare something to eat, he prefers to stay for a while complaining about how obnoxious it is to be on an empty stomach. He then makes her sleepy, but remembers that he has a paper to finish for college and goes back to how terribly tired he is. His family looks at him as if to say, is there anything really right with your life? And the answer is yes, there are many things that are going perfectly, however, sometimes bitter people like him can’t settle for anything. We can all have negative thoughts from time to time, such as “I’m good for nothing”, “everything bad happens to me”, “I always have bad luck”.

Becoming a bitter person is the simplest thing in the world, because it means giving up on everything that happens to us and avoiding facing the negativity we have and solving everyday problems.

These feelings of chronic bitterness can negatively affect our health and general well-being, so we must learn to detect them, in ourselves and in others, in order to eliminate them and become happier people.

There is a fine line between being annoyed with some things that happen and being bitter all the time and, if you do not know which side you are on, we help you with a list of signs that indicate that you are bitter:

1- Text messages or WhatsApp. You are one of the people who always leave in seen the people who send you messages. It doesn’t matter what they are talking to you about or if they are asking you for support with something, you will just read the messages and not respond.

2- You don’t worry. You are not aware of the lives of others and this is good because everyone is responsible for their own lives, but in your case it is really that you do not care about anyone. You have no empathy with anyone.

3- You criticize everyone. You are always looking for any detail to criticize in those who are with you.

4- Physical contact. You don’t like physical contact. With you there are no hugs, kisses or signs of affection possible.

5- Laugh. It’s hard for someone to make you laugh and when they do, you just make funny faces, you don’t like to laugh heartily.

6- Lack of time. You always say that you don’t have time for absurd or meaningless things, like going for a walk, hanging out with your friends, looking at the sky, etc.

7- It is a historical fact and worth celebrating when you are kind to one of your friends. Everyone is surprised when this happens, because it’s not something you do all the time.

8- Little tolerance. You get angry easily about anything.

9- You have a hard time trusting others , because deep down you fear that they will abandon you, that they will hurt you or that they will make fun of you.

10- Public places. You have a very bad time in places with too many people.

11- Absurd things. You don’t like to celebrate meaningless things, you don’t tell jokes, everything has to be deep to be worthwhile.

12- Demonstrations of affection. You prefer to stay away from displays of affection.

13- It is difficult for you to hug someone and, when you do, they tell you that it is a miracle.

14- Smiling people . You don’t like people who smile too much, you even think it’s because they’re dumb.

15- You don’t like when your friends ask you “How are you?” or “Are you angry?” You always respond in an irritated way and usually with monosyllables.

16- When they tell you that you seem angry. You only know how to pretend to smile, but in reality you are annoyed and tired of being told.

17- The noise. You are intolerant to noise, to parties, to manifestations of joy such as laughter, you don’t like people to shout when they get excited. Ramon Oria, an expert psychotherapist in behavior and moods, pointed out to the newspaper El Pais, some points that all bitter people have in common, excluding people who suffer from mood disorders, depression, or similar illnesses, he assures that there are people who, by essence, are rather negative.

These people feel incapable and blame external forces for all their problems. They do not allow themselves to reflect on their own state of mind nor do they know how to recognize the emotions that arise. The complaint is the main reason for life of these people. They are envious and selfish people, they have a hard time admitting that they admire someone else, because they are focused on themselves, therefore, selfishness is the basis of their personality and behavior.

Psychology Today magazine, in its article written by Professor Preston, mentions that all these attitudes described are just a reflection that in reality you live yourself as a victim, as a person unable to trust himself to be victorious. before the defeats of life.

Having conversations with oneself is the ideal way to put ideas and feelings in our heads, always taking care that the conversation is not focused on destroying our morale and pointing out everything we do wrong, because these types of messages reduce our confidence. They lower our performance, kill our potential, and sabotage any chance of success we have.

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