Historically, men have been the ones who complimented women, because the time has come for us to be the ones to say compliments to men and discover how to make a man fall in love using compliments.

For this we have compiled a wide selection of  1,990 compliments for men so that you can choose the ones you like the most to compliment your man, boyfriend or that special boy who will undoubtedly appreciate.

Below you can find funny and romantic compliments but we have also compiled some more daring and spicy compliments that will surely delight that special man.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Compliments for men
    • 1.1 Funny, humorous and funny compliments for men.
    • 1.2 Provocative, daring and somewhat rude compliments for sexy men.
    • 1.3 Compliments for daring men to make them laugh
    • 1.4 Compliments for boys
    • 1.5 Compliments of love for tender men
    • 1.6 Compliments for Argentine men
    • 1.7 Related entries

compliments for men

Funny, humorous and funny compliments for men.

These are some of the best funny pick up lines you’ll find anywhere. Making someone feel good about themselves and at the same time making them laugh is an incredible feeling for both people involved.

If you really want to satisfy your man and let him know how great he is , try to flirt with him by sharing some of these funny compliments on WhatsApp that he will undoubtedly love to receive from you.

  • If you were ice cream I would eat you to the stick.

A phrase that goes straight to the point with a humorous tone .

  • For such a chocolate I skip the diet!

What better than making him laugh as well as seducing him?

  • You are not superman, but with me you have superpowers!

Wow what an incredible way to make a man feel powerful .

  • I would like to be your shadow to be by your side all day.

This phrase is for the eternal romantics .

  • If I am given the opportunity to make three wishes, I wish you three times!

Letting your man know that he is desired can never put out the flame .

  • You know, you’re almost as wonderful as pizza. Almost….

Well let’s be honest, is there anything that beats pizza?

  • You are the perfect dessert for a romantic dinner

This phrase lets your man know that you want to commit it, bon appetit.

  • By your side I touch the sky, without lifting my feet from the ground!!

A declaration that expresses how in love he has you .

  • If I were an email, you would be my password.

Good way to let your man know that he has the key to enter the most intimate .

  • If being good is a sin, you have no forgiveness from God

A daring way of praising a man’s gifts .

  • Good guy… Do I study you or work you?

A new and ingenious update of the classic “work or study?”

  • You have something to do? We can tour my room.

A direct way to invite a man to your bed, he will be surprised and delighted .

  • To find that body is worth getting up early even when it’s Monday!!

This phrase expresses the carnal desire you have for that person .

  • If the colors were made for tastes, I can paint myself the color you want!

A funny phrase to let him know that you are willing to do anything to please him .

  • Love, if loving you were work, there would be no unemployment

This phrase lets your loved one know that the infatuation you feel explodes through the pores .

  • If you were a sandwich, I would eat you to the last crumb.

With this phrase you are explicitly telling him that there will not be an inch of him without enjoying or exploring .

  • The little that warms the sun and the warmth that your presence gives me!

A phrase that will let him know what it provokes in you .

  • How many times do I have to look at your mouth so you know I want to kiss it?

With this phrase he will have no doubts that you want to kiss him, if it is his first date he will be reeling .

  • Not even tacos are that tasty!

And that tacos tempt us all…

  • My arms would like to lose themselves in that body!

A lovely phrase to show him how longing you have to have him .

  • I like you better than eating with your fingers!

This is a simple and clever compliment .

  • If it were chess I would be your queen and you would be my king!

Fun way to let him know that you choose him as a partner .

  • A madman like you needs a screw like me

This phrase is excellent for women who want to take the next step with a man .

  • I would like to be your pajamas to sleep with you

Wow what a fantastic way to let him know you want to be in bed with him .

  • When you are always the protagonist of my dreams, I have to admit that my heart already has an owner!

Nice way to let him know that you are his even with his eyes closed .

  • They say that sugar is addictive, I’m hooked on the honey on your lips!

With this phrase you let him know with sweetness that his kisses are your addiction .

  • I’m looking for the ladies’ room, isn’t that you?

They say that the best for last and it is not a cliche, if there is trust with the man to whom you say this phrase, if you find him at a bar counter, he will laugh at how funny you are.

Provocative, daring and somewhat rude compliments for sexy men.

Your boyfriend is not as confident as he seems. That’s why you should encourage him with sexy compliments reminding him how amazing he is.

Below you have a compilation of provocative, spicy and daring compliments. Some are a little nacos and vulgar type of mason compliments for men 😉

  • My mother told me that I should not sin, but for you I am willing to confess.

This phrase denotes the commitment you have with that person .

  • Daddy, lend me your general, I’ll make him bigger for you.

Every soldier takes his honors in battle…

  • Who was cement to support that monument.

A direct and provocative compliment, what else?

  • Daddy, here’s the nut for that bolt.

A little off-color humour!

  • Those little eggs are there to crash them.

They also like dirty compliments .

  • I would like you to be a little mouse so that you can make a little nest in my hole

This compliment is spontaneity without limits .

  • If you need to sharpen your pencil, you already know where the sharpener is.

It would be fantastic to use this compliment with your partner if they work in the same office, can you imagine?

  • With that little bird even I sing!!

If women were masons, this compliment would be the first to top the list .

  • Bombon, for giving you a bite I skip the diet!

With this compliment he will understand that as long as you have a good time together in bed you are willing to do anything .

  • With my arepa and your chorizo ​​let’s prepare the stew

I assure you that you will make him smile if you tell him this, this dirty compliment is for those who are already in a moment more than complicit in their relationship .

  • I would like you to be my pillow… to hug you, drool over you and put you between my legs.

You are not only telling him that you want him in your bed, but everything you would do with him, what are you waiting for to tell him?

  • To the bread… bread… to the wine… wine and my ass… your cucumber!

Put grace, seduction and you will have it ready to cook .

  • That banana is to eat it.

This compliment is a frank innuendo and statement that will also make you laugh.

  • I so wet and you with tremendous umbrella

This compliment is direct, for women who go straight .

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  • Your mother must have been a sculptor, because that ass is a work of art.

With this compliment he will know that you look at him when he gets up to go to the bathroom, he will know that you look at how his ass looks in his pants, he will know that you are attentive and believe me he will love it, men also want compliments.

Compliments for daring men to make them laugh

Do you want to make that special man smile? Use any of the following daring compliments that will undoubtedly make them smile.

  • In the splash of my life your banana is my favorite fruit.

An ingenious way of mixing two pleasures of men, sex and food.

  • I would like to be a witch to cast a spell on you and own your sausage.

A highly explicit way of telling her how much you want what loads below to be yours alone.

  • I love when I see you coming and not just walking…

An ingenious way of letting him know that you look delighted how he gets when he is about to finish, if you send it by text message he will be happy the rest of the day.

  • Who was the conductor to wave your wand.

This compliment is funny and suggestive, it is also valid to change the conductor for a magician, use your imagination.

  • Honey, I need a key for my padlock.

A subtle way to let him know that you want him to be inside you .

  • Something is missing in my bed and that something is you.

This romantic phrase denotes the importance that being has in your life.

  • Little bun come get wet in my colacao and you’ll see how you melt!

This compliment will make explicit how hot you are and the promising night they will have.

  • Who was cereal for you to fill me with milk.

Some mixes are unbeatable, this is one of them .

  • Are you in works? Because you have a great fuck that you don’t see.

Wow say this phrase and build an unforgettable night.

  • Whoever was a vampire for you to drive that stake into me.

Horror lover? With this phrase you win it.

  • Daddy, if you need to sharpen your pencil, here’s your pencil sharpener.

Ideal to surprise him at any time of the day, eroticism has no agenda .

  • If you were food, you would be a chili. Because of the spiciness of your look!

They say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul, but some souls burn.

  • When you want to have a child, remember that I have the best factory.

An explicit way of letting him know that you are willing or wishing to have children with that special being and that there is no one like you.

  • I would like to be a hamburger and that you put a lot of mayonnaise on me.

With this phrase it will be understood that you have no limits when it comes to enjoying.

  • Who was a firefighter to grab you that hose.

You turn on him, and it’s lovely to remind him .

I hope you use any of these compliments for men, whether they are the most naco or spicy compliments  that will undoubtedly make that special man smile.

Compliments for boys

If you can compliment a man naturally , you can win him over easily. There are plenty of easy, direct compliments for men, and you don’t have to stick to generic compliments like “handsome” to appreciate your guy. Perhaps, if we were more generous when complimenting the boys , we would also get more compliments in return.

  • You’re like chocolate, I crave you every little while.

This compliment will let him know how sweet you are .

  • If you’re going to be all over my head, at least do yourself a favor and get dressed.

This compliment will let him know that he is present in your head even when they are not fair, and not only that, that you think of him naked, he will love it .

  • If the beautiful were sin you would not have forgiveness from God.

This compliment is a very explicit way of telling her that her beauty is inexcusable .

  • You are my Google, you have everything I’m looking for.

If that man has all the qualities you yearn for and you don’t like cheesy compliments, this is ideal for you .

  • If you knew how much I think about you, you would sue me for mental harassment.

Sometimes the compliments appear as a shy whisper and others as an overflowing gesture that frightens or touches, as in this case .

  • You are the meat of my tacos!

It’s like saying you are what I have inside, very deep if you think about it that way.

  • Wow, wow… what God does when he’s happy.

With this compliment you will let that man know that you consider him to be special, a very nice way of saying “they made you want to.”

  • I don’t know music, but if you want I’ll play you something.

A compliment with wit that goes straight to the point.

  • Be handsome, tonight I dream of you.

This compliment is ideal for a good closing of a phone conversation, he definitely won’t hang up first.

  • You spend all day in my mind. You do not have a house?

To get a smile and break the ice.

  • You must be tired today, after everything we did in my dream last night.

With this compliment you are making it clear that you dreamed of him, and you can even take advantage of it to tell him a fantasy that you want to carry out with him, what are you waiting for?

  • Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to go through it again?

This compliment is ideal to face a man you like on the street.

  • You are the trending topic of my heart.

In times of boom of social networks, with this ingenious compliment you will get a smile and if you still do not define what your relationship is, this compliment is valid for you.

Compliments of love for tender men

Life is not the same without humor. When we express our love to someone , we don’t always have to seem so serious.

Did you know that, for most men, humor makes their partners look sexier and more attractive?

Sending cute and funny love compliments to your partner gives a whole new meaning to your relationship as it makes both of you feel more comfortable with each other and your love grows stronger. So do not hesitate to share any of the following romantic compliments for men .

  • I used to be addicted to coffee, now I’m addicted to you!

Love is addictive right?

  • Love makes people do dumb things. For example, he made me send you this message!

This phrase is ideal if you have argued with your partner and want to break the ice so that things return to normal.

  • You have the key to my heart, please don’t make copies!

This ingenious phrase is to confess in a very nice way to that person that you are only dating him.

  • I love you like a biker loves his Harley.

This witty compliment can inspire you to create your own, just think of people or things that can’t live without each other.

  • Your snoring woke me up last night; Fortunately, my love for you helped me get back to sleep.

This phrase tells your partner that his snoring bothers you, but that the love you have for him can overcome any adversity.

  • I love waking up on my face. Your breath in the morning, not so much, but your face is great!

With this compliment you tell your partner in a subtle way that you don’t like his breath in the morning but that he looks incredible when you wake up .

  • I love you like Jimmy Hendrix loves guitars.

In this compliment you tell your partner how much you love him and that his love sets you on fire .

  • You’re basically the cutest thing I’ve ever loved, next to my kitty.

A tender compliment, above all, with an unexpected ending that will make him smile anyway.

  • Lately I can’t sleep because every time I count sheep I end up talking about you.

When you are happy and in love, you have a crazy desire to tell everyone, even the sheep.

Compliments for Argentine men

If you are looking for wild compliments for Argentine men, here are some chamuyos for boys that we have compiled so that you can send them to an Argentine man. you will love them!

  • With a mate and your company life is already resolved!

A very romantic and beautiful phrase, which makes it clear that you enjoy the simple things in life .

  • If you allow me, I will choose you as my future husband!

With this phrase what you will say is that you choose him to spend the rest of your life together.

  • You are the best partner for a good tango!

Tango is a very sensual and intimate dance, telling that special person that she is the best for this is a great declaration of love.

  • Beautiful men who adorn the Pampas!

A compliment in which what is meant is that the panorama is enchanting.

  • You are so sweet that only your look melts me

A tender compliment to conquer that special person .

  • Excuse me, do you exist or is it my imagination?

A compliment where it is clear that the beauty or what attracted the man in question left you dazed, to the point where you do not know if it is real or the product of your fantasies.

  • Hi, I’m new here, can you tell me where your apartment is?

A direct phrase for the woman who goes for what she wants without hesitation.

  • I love you, and for having you I die. If I die for loving you, I don’t know what the hell I love you for!

A classic Argentine compliment, which even seems like a Gardel tango, a deep declaration of love and the feeling that it generates .

  • You are the ideal complement for my bedroom.

A very subtle compliment to say to that person with whom you want to share a good time in your room.

  • Didn’t it hurt when you fell from the sky? little angel!!!

A compliment in which you will basically tell that person that you consider them an angel.

  • Lady, go with God, I’m going with your son.

A phrase to say to your mother-in-law when you meet her somewhere by chance or when you are saying goodbye.

  • I fell asleep to stop thinking about you, but I forgot that you are the owner of my dreams

A compliment in which you will highlight how much you like it and how special it is for you, since not even in dreams can you free yourself from it.

  • If kissing you was a sin, I would happily walk to hell.

A compliment where you tell him that his kisses are worth more than the entrance to heaven.

It reminds us of the song “tango del sin” on Calle 13 that precisely ends with the phrase “If loving you is a sin, then I will burn in hell with you”

And now yes, with this last compliment we have finished the article of  1,990 compliments for men  ordered according to the type of compliment and the man to whom it is dedicated… …. Sorry? What? There are not 1,990 compliments here…  »Only» there are 99!

Indeed. You’re right. The 1,990 compliments have only been a random number, to call your attention and give you the opportunity to discover  the best compliments that you can dedicate to a man.  I trust that you liked them and that you use them to share what you feel with that special man.

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