Self love is the way we emotionally perceive ourselves; the respect, affection and consideration that we feel towards ourselves, always hoping that other people can perceive and consider, in such a way that we obtain their esteem in response. Have you ever wondered the results of loving yourself? It is necessary to realize that the lack of self-love feeds your fears and you only deceive yourself, achieving a lack of authenticity and emotional dependence on other people.

The lack of knowledge, acceptance and respect of ourselves causes us to take unnecessary risks that make our life something terrible, because we live trying to please others, even in spite of ourselves.

Nobody is responsible for completing what we lack, for giving us happiness, for fulfilling our expectations; we are the ones who must find our own way and act according to what we like. We must work every day to listen to our inner voice and build our self-esteem; In this way we will have healthy relationships where the main thing is to love ourselves, in order to love someone else.

Practicing self-love is not being narcissistic or selfish, it is not about being against the world or getting what we want at the expense of others. Self-love is about looking at ourselves through loving eyes that allow us to own our power and act from kindness towards ourselves.

We know that the fact of feeling love releases substances such as oxytocin and dopamine, which makes us more focused to achieve our goals and improves our emotional health, but we must know what some of the effects of practicing self-love are:

1. We let go of guilt, shame, and anger. We find understanding, wisdom and the power of creation for our life. We know that we are capable of achieving what we want and achieving our dreams.

2. We feel, listen and believe in our inner power. It is not relevant what others think of us, what really matters is how we feel about ourselves.

3. We feel at peace. This tranquility is due to the fact that we know our strengths and weaknesses, which leads us to act in a way that is consistent with what we think, do and say.

4. We take responsibility for our lives. We recognize in ourselves the source of our own happiness, as well as the ability we have to change our lives, choose a job, a relationship; In addition to acting with responsibility, empathy, passion and authenticity.

5. We let go of loneliness. We try to establish a deeper connection and a sense of belonging with the world.

6. We allow ourselves to live our purpose. We appear to the world as authentic people who have something important to contribute, always for the benefit of others.

7. The more we look at ourselves with love, the easier it is to practice love towards others and accept them without conditions. We release the thoughts that deny our reality, we stop thinking about what “should be” and accept what is. 8. We allow ourselves to be human. We give ourselves the opportunity to be vulnerable, accepting our mistakes, our failures and allowing ourselves to look at our faults, to move forward.

9. We know what we are. Therefore, we do not need to prove what we are capable of before others, but rather that we are authentic and act in accordance with our values ​​and principles.

10. We choose love over fear. We accept that love is the strongest power of all and stop acting in fear. We don’t stop being afraid, but we choose to do what we want, in spite of it.

11. We stop comparing ourselves to others. We do not seek competition from our peers, because we know that what we do, say, how we work is enough to achieve our goals.

12. We become more creative. Having self-love gives us openness to new knowledge, inspires us to carry out different activities and opens up the panorama for possibilities that seemed unattainable to us.

13. We accept reality. We stop fighting what life presents us, we become flexible in the face of what we live and it is easier to accept what happens around us.

14. We attract harmony in our relationships. Self-love generates such a positive energy that the people we meet provide us with quality, reliable and calm relationships. 15. We accept failure. We find within us the courage and the ability to recognize when something goes wrong, we recognize that failure is just a step towards growth and that it does not determine our value as a person.

16. We grow as people. We stop feeling small before the world and allow ourselves to grow to our maximum capacity and knowledge. The more we grow, the more we manage to share love and joy with those around us.

17. Identify stressful thoughts. Loving ourselves leads us to realize the thoughts we are having during the day, in addition to identifying our reaction to them, in order to make decisions and correct course.

18. We feel safe. We know that we have the ability to achieve what we want and we know that when others do not trust us, we will always have ourselves.

19. We shine naturally. Self-love gives us a light that we are unable to define, however, we are full of it, without having to make a superhuman effort, but rather it emanates from us naturally.

20. We act from abundance. Having self-esteem and self-love gives you the ability to see your work, your relationships, your home, your family, from abundance, not from scarcity.

Now that we know the benefits, we will say some habits that destroy self-esteem and that we must stop practicing if we want to achieve a healthy self-esteem.

  • Give importance to what others think of you. What others think of you is not your thing, although you must pay attention to recognize attitudes that may hurt others.
  • make you the victim Feeling sorry for ourselves makes us think that we will not be able to get ahead and we stop looking for solutions.
  • Demand more. We want to be the most handsome, the thinnest, the most intelligent, even if this means going against our values.
  • Disqualify you. Speaking badly to yourself causes inner wounds that do not let you look forward. Be nice to yourself.

It is not easy to learn to love ourselves. Self-love is made of great discoveries, because most of us spend our lives acting against ourselves and we only learn to love ourselves when something or someone has hurt us deeply and we realize that the true love of our life must be us

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