Good manners have become a form of behavior that can largely identify the good manners of people. And table manners are very important for it.

Many people sometimes feel out of place when they are invited to an elegant dinner or lunch and decide not to attend simply because they do not know how to follow table manners.

The truth turns out to be a bit difficult to learn all the points of protocol and etiquette, but you can be victorious if you follow some rules that we suggest below.

1- Do not drink liquid while you still have food in your mouth: you should not drink water or liquor while your mouth is busy with some food, except when you have eaten some very hot or incorrect food.

2- Use the appropriate cutlery: if there are many utensils in your place at the table and there is more than one row, start with the one on the outside and follow the line inwards. If you have any doubt, watch the host as he does.

3- Do not chew with your mouth open: it is good manners to eat with your mouth closed, slowly and not to talk with food in your mouth.

4- Do not put a new spoonful of food in your mouth before swallowing the one you are chewing: another sign of good manners is to chew food well, swallow completely and then continue with the next bite. Bites should not be accumulated in the mouth.

5- Do not talk while you have food in your mouth: during the meal you should also try to avoid talking with food in your mouth, since there is a risk that you drop the food, as well as you can get stuck with the food. 6- Do not use the tablecloth or napkin to clean cutlery: the tablecloth should never be used to clean absolutely anything, the napkin is used only to dry the lips, and discreetly to clean the fingers. When finished, it should be left as is, it is not necessary to fold or wrinkle it.

7- Do not play with the cutlery: it is not appropriate to make gestures with the cutlery in your hands.

8- Do not keep the spoon in the cup while drinking coffee, nor make noise with the spoon while the sugar dissolves: the coffee spoon is used only to stir the liquid. It is not carried in the mouth, it must be left on the plate. Nor should coffee be drunk by teaspoons, it is in very bad taste.

9- Do not try to reach everything on the table with your hands: if you need any condiment, or food that is not near you, the most appropriate thing is to politely ask for what you need and always give the Thank you. 10- Do not make clicks or noises with your mouth while looking around: as much as the food consumed has been very pleasing to you, you should avoid making that type of noise with your mouth.

11- Do not try the food of another guest, crossing the entire table: if you want to try the food of another guest or companion at the table, the correct way to do it is to pass the bread plate and deposit there, the portion you want try out.

12- Do not crumble the bread on the table: at the time of being at the table you should take a single slice of bread or bun, in order not to crumble the bread at the table you must place the bread on the plate intended for it and cut it with fingers into small pieces.

13- Do not paint yourself on the table, not even with lipstick: if you smeared your makeup or had an accident with them, you must ask permission and go out to touch up on the patio or in the dressing table.

14- Do not support the chair backwards: at an elegant dinner or meal, the chair should not be rocked, it is in very bad taste, and it will speak very badly of your manners.

15- Do not start eating before all the guests are served: to start eating you must wait until everyone at the table is served, and wait for the host or hostess to start the first bite, that is correct.

16- Start eating when the host or hostess does: if you don’t know much about good table manners, a good option is to follow the host, match his rhythm when eating, so as not to finish before him, follow his example and everything will be fine.

17- A new dish should not be served until all the diners have finished eating the first one: in order not to look like a gobbler at the table, it is advisable to eat little by little, with small bites, in this way there will not be a very large space among the other guests while waiting for the second course.

18- Always say thank you when you are served, ask please when requesting anything: the best behavior of good manners at the table is to politely ask for what is needed and say thank you, at all times. 19- Do not talk while eating: at the time of the meal it is not advisable to talk about illnesses, detail very explicitly about the ailments, nor talk about rude topics.

20- At the table you should not talk about politics, football, illnesses or sex: if it is the case of a celebration or formal party, diners should avoid topics of conversation like these. Proper conversation is a symptom of good manners.

21- The napkin must be placed on the lap: using the napkin as a bib is totally inappropriate in any circumstance. And they are placed at the moment of sitting at the table.

The most correct and appropriate in any situation, as a guest, is to act normal and with common sense, good manners and maintain the correct posture. They are small details but very important to others, when it comes to showing your good manners. Do not forget.

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