If you are looking for a way to make the woman you love feel special, a sweet compliment can go a long way. Women love compliments because it makes them feel


Anyone who has ever been in love knows how important compliments are to women . A compliment is the key to her attention: even if your girlfriend used to ignore you before her, a couple of sweet words will not leave her indifferent. And by her reaction, you will see if there is a possibility of a relationship or not.

But, how to make sure that the compliments you say touch the necessary keys to reach the depths of his heart? . Well, the main thing here is to focus your compliment on some trifles instead of obvious positive traits. For example, a compliment like “You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen” won’t impress her too much, so you’ll have to put your creativity to work. Unfortunately, not everyone is a seasoned Casanova, and finding compliments for women that are genuine and affectionate can be difficult.

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If you need a little inspiration, here are 2,490 compliments for women that will undoubtedly brighten the day of the woman you love. 

Table of Contents

  • 1 Compliments for women
    • 1.1 Nice and cute love compliments for women
    • 1.2 Compliments for beautiful women
    • 1.3 Nacos, spicy and daring compliments for women
    • 1.4 Funny and funny compliments for women
    • 1.5 Compliments for short women
    • 1.6 Mason compliments for women
    • 1.7 Romantic compliments for my girlfriend
    • 1.8 Sexual compliments to make a woman fall in love

compliments for women

Nice and cute love compliments for women

Finding appropriate compliments to express a feeling as deep as love is not easy.

To help you in this task, below you have a selection of the   most beautiful  love compliments to dedicate to that woman who drives you crazy.

  • Your mind is as sexy as your beauty.

With this compliment you will tell the woman in question that you like her both on the outside and on the inside, they say that one does not free one’s mind even by closing one’s eyes .

  • I smile thinking of you when I’m alone.

With this compliment you declare to that person that when you think of her you feel comfortable.

  • I don’t know where we’re going, I just know I want to go with you…

A beautiful phrase to denote that the future is full of uncertainties, but you know who you want to share it with.

  • If beauty were an instant you would be eternity.

This is a very nice way to let a woman know that she is beautiful.

  • I was born to dream and you to be my dream.

A whole declaration of the intentions you have with that person.

  • I think of you every day and even if you don’t believe me you are my whole life.

A beautiful phrase to let that woman know that she is special to you, that she can have an incalculable value in your existence.

  • When I’m with you, I’m the happiest man on Earth.

A very direct and honest way to let that person know everything that generates you when you are together.

  • If the moon was dark the stars would not shine, if my love was a lie my eyes would show it.

An ingenious rhyme to let that woman know that you would not betray her, because as the eyes are the mirror of the soul, lies have no basis.

  • Your look provokes me, I would lower the sun and the moon for her, and for a kiss from your mouth I don’t know what I would do.

A very romantic compliment in which you will say how much you like that person, ideal for first dates, you will have the kiss assured.

  • For you, I would go up to heaven on a bicycle and go down without brakes.

Many times love makes us believe we are capable of everything, even the impossible, this is a beautiful way of expressing it.

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Compliments for beautiful women

Below you have a list of compliments for women who focus on beauty so that you make her feel beautiful and desired.

  • If you had to pay taxes for being beautiful, you would have gone bankrupt.

Surely with this compliment you get a laugh, a humorous compliment that reflects the beauty of the woman in question.

  • What does a daytime star do walking down the street?

A street compliment that will make her smile, relating a woman to the stars in the sky is a very beautiful metaphor.

  • On a rainy day, each drop that touches the ground is only a small part of your beauty.

This is a poetic way of expressing how beautiful that woman seems to you, if you wear it on a rainy day, believe me, the sun will come out doors inside.

  • If beauty were a sin, you would already be in hell.

A suitable compliment for the woman who “cracks the earth” when she appears .

  • God made the woman and with you he perfected her.

A simple and ingenious compliment, to brighten the day of any woman.

  • Honey, there is no painter or painting that can capture such beauty!

An explicit compliment where you will tell her that the magnitude of her beauty is impossible to portray.

  • If you search pretty in Google, your face is the first, beauty.

A very direct and humorous way of praising the appearance of the woman in question.

  • Not even the moon would be able to shade such beauty.

The moon offers a lot of shadow, and we can all see it, saying this compliment to a woman is like telling her that her beauty is so great that it cannot be hidden.

  • Not even a thousand poets in a thousand years could describe your beauty.

An ideal compliment to charm that woman of your interest, expresses explicitly that the poems are not enough to even start talking about her.

  • If beauty were a drop of water, you would be the largest of the oceans for me.

A compliment to seduce that woman of your interest, with this you will tell her that her beauty is enormous, that she can fill beyond the oceans.

Nacos, spicy and daring compliments for women

Are you looking for sexy, daring and somewhat perverted compliments for women? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below we have compiled naco and spicy compliments so that they will undoubtedly bring a smile to that special woman.

  • I would spread Nocilla’s body on you and eat you in bite-sized pieces, little bun!

A daring compliment where you will tell her that there will be no inch of her to go and that you will take your time to enjoy it.

  • That’s right, they are good curves and not the ones on the road in my town!

A funny compliment to flatter the figure of the woman in question, expresses desire from the body.

  • Bombon, for giving you a bite I skip the diet!

A very clear way of telling her that she is for you the same as a temptation. It is simple but effective.

  • I take this opportunity to tell you that that body deserves a romp.

A mischievous phrase for the most daring.

  • If you like happiness, I have one here for your body! Pretty!

A naughty compliment and for some racy, without a doubt suggestive.

  • Who was the stick of that ice cream that you run with your tongue!

A dirty and provocative compliment for those who have confidence in the couple.

  • Pretty! I don’t work in Seur but here I bring you a package!

A spicy compliment to break the ice.

  • Who was a footballer to play with such a forward.

A compliment to flatter the front attributes of that woman who is your object of desire.

  • Winter has begun beautiful, if you’re cold, I’ll warm you up!

Ideal compliment to send to that woman on her mobile, she will smile.

  • What a joy for the eyes to see those hips move!

A compliment to flatter the figure of a woman who has caught your attention or aroused your desire.

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Funny and funny compliments for women

A woman can hardly resist the charm of a witty man. In fact, women often fall in love with those who make them laugh and find the funny side of life, with the right degree of humor.

  • Not even in the best recipe book is that of such a chocolate!

A funny compliment to make a woman blush and brighten her day.

  • They say that love is blind, but do not see what makes your eyes happy!

An ingenious compliment where you will let that woman know that, although they say that love does not measure on appearances, she causes joy wherever she goes.

  • If every princess needs a castle, wait for me here, I’ve seen the Playmobil one on sale.

A funny compliment for that girl you consider a princess, referring to toy castles.

  • You are like an iPhone, totally unreachable for me.

A compliment with a touch of humor, since the IPhone is usually an expensive model of mobile and unattainable for many people, like this woman for you.

  • If I were mayor I’d make you a square in the middle of town, beautiful!

A very nice compliment, because there are women so beautiful that they deserve a monument.

  • Pretty! I bet your name is Google, because you have everything I’m looking for.

A funny and witty compliment to say to that woman who has all the qualities you are looking for in a partner.

  • Someone leave me a camera to take a souvenir of such a monument!

Because there are women who deserve to be seen more than once.

  • Call the police, they just stole my heart!

A funny compliment to break the ice in any situation.

  • Pretty! For you I kill an elephant with flip flops!

Does anyone want to tell us where they sell those flip flops? …Speaking of doing impossible things for love.

  • How are you beautiful…and it’s not a question!

A simple and fun compliment .

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Compliments for short women

Sometimes a few words can be enough to express a feeling as immeasurable and infinite as love. Proof of this are the short compliments for women.

So here you have the most beautiful short love compliments that briefly concentrate all the intensity, sweetness and romanticism. Discover them now!

  • In an ideal world you would be my wish fulfilled.

This phrase expresses very well the feeling of having found a special being, Use it to let her know how much you love her.

  • Your beauty makes me blind!

Although no one would want it, this phrase is intended to be humorous, but be careful, if beauty is in the eyes of those who look at it, try not to go blind!

  • I’ll keep even what you have left over from you.

Beautiful and honest declaration of a love that has total dedication as its end.

  • You are like the sun, without you we cannot live.

Just as the sun is a necessary star for life on earth, you compare the sun with this woman.

  • One reason is enough for me to be happy: you!

With this compliment you will tell that woman in question, that your happiness simply depends on her presence in your life .

  • Your precious smile is my best awakening!

A very nice way to tell that special person that you love to have them next to you when you wake up.

  • You can’t be more beautiful and not be a sin.

A short but very expressive compliment. Surely by telling her you will make her feel special.

  • Sympathy and joy you have everything, my life!

A very nice way of saying that the personality of that woman is everything to you.

  • I need night to dream with you.

Ideal for the end of a suggestive phone conversation, you will love knowing that it invades your dreams at night.

  • Your eyes are the best adornment for that sweet face!

There are looks that kill, that say it all, like this compliment.

Mason compliments for women

Here are some rude compliments for women. Use them carefully!

  • So little cement for such a monument!

A naughty compliment to emphasize the overwhelming beauty of a woman.

  • What a joy for the worker, to enjoy your salt shaker every day.

A compliment that bets on originality and promises to get a smile.

  • In this scaffolding beautiful joy is missing! You sure would give it to me!

Ideal for those women who are pure life, pure smile.

  • I have many bricks and cement, to make the throne of the queen of the firmament.

The best thing about this compliment is that it is addressed to the queen of your life, you decide who deserves that honor.

  • If you need a bricklayer, I am a specialist in building love stories!

A romantic compliment for the eternal lovers of love.

  • I build beautiful houses, but for you I would build a castle!

That sounds promising!

  • Pretty! To make this road I look at your curves!

A playful way to describe the curves of a woman.

  • Gloves are needed to touch you, that body is high voltage!

An ingenious way of saying that you have to take precautions because of what that woman’s body can do to your face.

  • Not even a duster removes the dust you have precious!

To dedicate to a woman who seems to have a prominent style.

  • If Adan ate the apple, I ate the greengrocer for you!

A bit of humor is essential, an ingenious shot will at least make him smile.

romantic compliments for my girlfriend

These compliments are perfect to dedicate to your girlfriend or partner. In a relationship you cannot miss romantic compliments that express the love you feel for that special woman.

  • My smile reflects what my heart does not dare to tell you.

A very sweet compliment in which you will express how happy you are with her.

  • If the clouds cry it’s because they can’t see you at any time.

A very nice way to make a woman feel desired, at all times.

  • Fortune has come into my life since I met you.

With this phrase you will tell that woman that everything is better by her side.

  • In this storm called life, you are the lighthouse that guides my heart.

Life is full of adversities, with this phrase you will tell her that, despite all these situations, that woman gives you hope to continue.

  • Waking up next to you is the best way to start each day!

Nothing is comparable to starting the day with the person you love.

  • I’m going to save my heart, I think you’re about to steal it!

A mischievous phrase to dedicate to that woman with whom you are starting a romance.

  • Who wants to dream of angels after having seen you?

A sweet compliment where you will tell that woman that she is more than an angel for you.

  • What time do you have precious? My watch has stopped at the sight of you.

A nice phrase to flirt.

  • Who was the protagonist of your dreams to sleep with you!

A naughty compliment to let that woman know that you want to be in her bed.

  • After meeting you I know that dreams become reality.

A nice compliment with which you will tell the woman in question that, if you had an ideal woman, it is her.

Sexual compliments to make a woman fall in love

Here you have a compilation of direct and daring compliments related to sex . Like mason’s compliments, you have to use them carefully since they are not suitable for all women.

  • If your Christmas tree is missing balls, you know where to look for them!

If there is already trust in this relationship and both are daring, this is a compliment that will make both of them laugh.

  • I would like to be a brush, to brush you every day!

Straight to the point!

  • Come here little bun I’ll fill you with cream!

A funny compliment of green humor.

  • Although not everything in me is bone, every time I see you I get all stiff!

A compliment where is much left? bit? , to the imagination.

  • Don’t wear too many pretty clothes, you’re better off without them!

With this phrase you will tell him explicitly that he looks better without clothes.

  • With your pears and my banana we would make a delicious fruit salad!

Situations with a double meaning and with results that are intended to be misunderstood, as in this case, are the funniest of this type of compliment.

  • Nice clothes, will you let me see what’s underneath?

An insightful compliment that caught her off guard.

  • I invite you to eat, beautiful, you will see what dessert I have between my legs.

To tell that woman you know she’ll take it in a humorous way

  • You’re wearing beautiful clothes, but they would look better on my bedroom floor!

A compliment that only a self-confident man dares to dedicate .

  • Something is missing in my bed and that something is you.

A romantic compliment to melt the woman in question.

And now yes, with this last compliment we have finished the article of 2,490 compliments for women ordered according to the type of compliment and the woman to whom it is dedicated… …. Sorry? What? There are not 2,990 compliments here… “Only” there are 80!

Indeed. You’re right. The 2,490 compliments have only been a random number, to call your attention and give you the opportunity to discover the best compliments that you can dedicate to a woman. I trust that you liked them and that you use them with that special woman.

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