Relationships go through several stages. At the initial infatuation, lavish in attention and where any time seems little to be next to her or her, comes another not so lavish in attention or details.

This is caused by several aspects. Life together brings with it a deeper knowledge of each one and, furthermore, the sum of responsibilities, with the development of a career or the arrival of children, puts out the initial fire.

The monotony of daily life invades the relationship and causes the members of the couple to enter into a kind of inertia, forgetting the signs of courtesy and affection. It’s like taking everything for granted, leaving behind special moments, romantic dinners and gifts for no reason.

The strategy

What these people forget is that, like a plant, love must be cared for and cultivated every day.

In the stage of conquest and the beginning of the relationship, these small details and actions multiply, and then decrease. All this goes on like this, until, for some reason, one of the two feels that something threatens the stability of the relationship and that is when those attempts to hold it and rekindle the flame are restarted.

If in a relationship the best of you appears only at specific moments, in reality you are not necessarily showing love and interest, but rather the need not to lose it and it will lack the positive effect that we could generate on your partner.

These are some actions you can do to win your partner over and over again, day after day.

  1. Never answer with monosyllables, “yes” and “no” may be fine for exams, but not for a dialogue with your partner.
  2. A brush of hands and an intertwining of fingers never hurts in a conversation. And of course, she looks at her / or always in her eyes, puts her cell phone aside.
  3. At any time and simply because yes, invite her to the movies, for a drink or just “for a walk”.
  4. Ask him how his day was, always.
  1. If you see her tired after work, give her a little massage on her back and feet.
  2. A breakfast in bed is miraculous, try it.
  3. Tell him about your things, consult him / her, especially in decisions that are important for both of you or the family.
  4. Always give her reasons for your actions and decisions, consider her your equal.
  5. Support her in her difficult moments, fight alongside her when she is weak or having a difficult time.
  6. Recognize their virtues and mention them, share their achievements.
  7. Respect her need to have time for herself, be it activities she likes, going out with her friends, hobbies, etc.
  8. Make surprise calls or send them messages for no reason, just to tell them to express your love or how their day is going.
  9. Share household chores. If for example she is tired, take care of everything.
  10. Remember the good times you have spent together and do not forget the important dates.
  11. Although they are two independent people and that must be respected, it is important that they have activities together, that strengthens the relationship.
  12. The difference of opinions are normal, but it should not mean pointless discussions and at all times. Learn to exchange ideas constructively and without aggression.
  13. No one is perfect, but focusing only on the negatives is not ideal. Always focus on their positive facets, which are normally those that led you to be with that person.
  14. Do not abandon your personal appearance, keep yourself in good shape and let him know that you do it for your partner too.
  15. Tell her that she is pretty and pay attention to her hairstyle changes when she does them.
  16. Accept her tastes: if she asks you to watch a romantic movie or a soap opera together, don’t forget that she also watches soccer matches with you, although she often doesn’t like it that much.
  17. Share responsibility for the care and upbringing of children.
  18. Although you must establish a relationship of equality and respect, it does not hurt that you show yourself sure of what to do. Knowing how to solve household problems or simply being able to choose a suitable place for dinner is a good sign of interest in her and enhances you as a couple.
  19. Always keep a good mood, make your partner laugh, so she will always want to be with you.
  20. Make her feel special at all times, especially if you are in a meeting or out: open the door for her, help her sit down, show yourself happy to be with her.
  21. If you have to give her something, it should not necessarily be something expensive, but something that represents the value that she has for you and your attention to detail. It may be something from the past or that you have mentioned very in passing, but it must be important and significant so that it touches your heart.

When you cultivate love in your relationship every day, your home will be like a well-tended garden, full of flowers and color. On the other hand, if you neglect your garden, it will not take long for thistles and weeds to appear, strangling each flower little by little.

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