Spoiler alert: Her orgasms will be incredible.

deep penetration. Some women love it and need it to have intense orgasms during sex, while some definitely hate it.

Today, I am going to teach you how to have quality sex with your partner using these sex positions.

Before we get into the “how to have deep penetrative sex” part , we need to clear up a few basic things to make sure you fully understand why it can be super pleasurable so a woman can have intense orgasms, but also why deep penetration sometimes it can be horrible and even painful for women.

Before attempting these positions, make sure you are confident in what you are doing and that you are not causing yourself or your partner any physical pain.


At the back of the vagina is your “deep spot” known as the anterior fornix, sometimes referred to as “Spot A. ” It is located just above your cervix.

And stimulating it is obviously super pleasurable during deep penetrative sex, but if you don’t do it right, then you’re going to accidentally hit the cervix. This can be incredibly painful and can stop sex instantly. This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind during deep penetrative sex.

When you or your sexual partner changes the angle of entry of your penis, then she is going to change the amount of pressure you put on her cervix and deep point, so you need to be aware and careful while trying new positions, all It must be done safely and comfortably.

Now, remember that communication is crucial when it comes to having great sex.

Learn more about communication when having sex.

It may sound obvious, but it’s true! Especially if you want deep penetration sex to be pleasurable.

You’re going to have to experiment a bit with your woman so you can both figure out which angles work best…and which to avoid when penetrating her.

Lastly, when having deep penetrative sex with your woman, make sure you are lubricated enough for your penis to slide in and out easily. Always remember to use water-based lubricants if you are using latex condoms , as oil-based lubricants break down the rubber and can cause the condom to tear.

Now that we’ve reviewed all the precautions, let’s discuss some of my favorite positions for deep penetration.

The key with each of these deep penetration sex positions is to make sure you start off slow so you let her know you’re hitting that spot and when you’re hurting her. Not knowing what you’re doing, or your partner not giving you any signals, can only complicate things.

Here are the three best sexual positions for deep penetration sex, which you should put into practice, in order to have quality sex with your partner.

1 – ‘The Anvil’

The anvil is the only position that is a bit difficult to perform if you like deep penetration.

You will start by laying her on her back and raising her legs in the air. You will then penetrate her while on your knees and lean into her, pressing her legs behind her allowing you to penetrate her much deeper.

If she is not very flexible, then this position will cause some pain in her legs.

2 – ‘The Horseman’

The rider position is great if you like deep penetrative sex without you needing to do much.

To initiate horsemanship , she needs to lie on her stomach with her legs straight and together. Then you will penetrate her from behind her while you are on your knees. You can adjust the angle of entry depending on where you put your knees. You can even change the angle of entry if you lie fully on top of it.

She can also change the angle at which you penetrate her by lifting her butt up in the air or bringing it closer to the bed.

3 – ‘The Turtle’

The Turtle is great if you like deep penetration and if you don’t have the longest penis in the world.

To get you into the turtle position, she needs to get into all fours. Then she needs to bend her knees and get closer to the bed, so she has to wrap her arms behind her knees and try to get her body as close to her legs as possible (it’s almost like she’s turning into a little ball).

Then you can easily enter her from behind and grab her waist with your hands to push your penis deeper.

These three sex positions will give you a great start in learning how to have deep penetrative sex, but it’s important to experiment and improvise with her to find what she enjoys the most.

Deep penetration during sexual intercourse is not for everyone, as everyone has different tastes.

Some women may have a very small deep point. Some women simply prefer G-spot stimulation, which does not require a long penis. And some women prefer clitoral stimulation. However, most prefer a combination of all three.

The key is to discover what you and your partner enjoy the most.

What other sexual positions exist?

Read this article. You will read the most incredible sexual positions that you can use during sex. Sex will never be boring again.

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