Without a doubt, one of the worst experiences we can suffer is having to end a relationship. This is worse when it is not our decision, but we have to do it for reasons of force majeure.

Having to say goodbye to the other person is an instance that we will not easily forget, this is why we have pressure to do our best, since it is likely that we will only have one opportunity to do it. That is why we are going to expose the 3 words that cannot be missing in your farewell speech. If you are in this position, then we hope that this article will help you decide correctly what you want to say in your farewell.

One of the purposes of the last conversation is to close cycles. Love is an emotion that many times we do not understand clearly, but there is nothing worse than staying with what we wanted to say to the other person within us, because we did not have the opportunity to talk things over with the other person, generating that our love stories remain unfinished. That’s why it’s good to have a final conversation.

There are various reasons that can end relationships, infidelities, routine, a new love, etc. Many of us think that it is best to have a face-to-face farewell so that the story is finished in the best possible way. Although this does not always happen, we consider that if both of you make the decision not to continue in the relationship, then these 3 words cannot be missing in your farewell speech.

1. Gracias.

Although you may have been able to end the relationship in a negative way, for example, due to infidelity, in any case, we invite you to think of reasons that make you feel grateful to your partner. Remember that within everything you went through together, for a time you considered him a good partner, maybe he gave you advice when you needed it, maybe he took care of you when you were sick, he made you laugh in difficult times, he accompanied you in your ups and downs, etc.

Never forget that maintaining a relationship requires certain sacrifices, which over time tend to have greater weight, so try to appreciate that he gave of himself so that the relationship could work.

Everything he did for you and all the contribution he made to your life, you should thank him. We advise you not to close yourself to the possibility of thanking, because tomorrow you may regret not having told him how important he was to you. Regardless of the reason they had to break up, before “it” happened, you still thought of him as a good person and were with him for a while for something, so it’s a good idea to make it explicit. Do not do it for him, but do it for you, because after a while, you will feel good about yourself, maybe you can even feel that you told him everything you wanted and there is nothing left.

It will also be easier for him or perhaps it will put him in a position to listen to everything that comes from your speech. We anticipate that not everything you say will be rosy, since there are negative things that you cannot stop saying.

2. Forgive.

This may be an awkward thing to say, but you need to say it. This will prevent your partner from spending time tomorrow thinking, wondering and guessing about the reasons why the relationship ended. This in case the reason for termination is not evident. For this try to make a concise list about the mistakes that according to your perception he has made. Then say, “I forgive you for…”

The idea of ​​the list is that you name only the most relevant events, don’t take too long either, since it can be inconvenient to listen to a list that is too long and with irrelevant information.

Try to make it with the intention that: you have no doubts in the future about what the term was due to, and this information helps you close the cycle and that in your new relationships, you can use what you learned from this one. That is, say the criticism as constructively as possible.

3. Fire.

A word that cannot be missing is saying goodbye. If you do not know its true meaning, here we explain it to you, since it is deeper than it seems. By separating the word “goodbye” we will have “a-God” which means that you give your care to God to protect him in everything he proposes.

Saying goodbye is also a way of making it explicit that everything is over, that this is really the last conversation. It has probably happened to more than one of us that we have followed each other “in something” with the other person, after we tried to finish. However, that is not always the best, so it is good that you say goodbye to the person and not a see you later.

If you have hatred or grudge against him, at first it is normal, but over time try to wish him well, to stay with the good times, be grateful for what you lived with him and forgive his mistakes, it is the only way to feel peace. with the situation. Then, you will be able to build within yourself an inner peace that no one can destroy.

Undeniably saying goodbye to a person, the relationship we had with them and the expectations we had about the future with the other person, is something difficult to do during a single conversation, that is why getting together to say goodbye is not the end of the whole process you go through after deciding to end a relationship, but it is a step towards overcoming the experience. So we encourage you to say goodbye in the best way possible so that later you can look forward to your new future with optimism.

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