1. If a problem has a solution, why worry? And if you don’t have it, why worry?

Worrying is useless. This is one of those  Japanese phrases  that warns us about a harmful emotion like worry. Because 99% of the things we worry about never happen. That is, worrying does not take away tomorrow’s problems, but it takes away today’s peace.

Each phrase has a meaning, a wisdom of life. But for each one it can be different. The best interpretation is from your own experience.

2.- Even the longest journey begins with a single step

The meaning of this phrase: Everything is simpler if we start little by little. A challenge may seem very difficult to us, but if we first cultivate habits with very small routines, it becomes simpler.

3.- When there is love even the smallpox scars are the same as the dimples on the cheeks

These Japanese words express that love is always based on strengths, on the positive. Therefore, when two people love each other, they focus on everything positive they have and flourish.

4.- The sun does not know good, the sun does not know bad. The sun illuminates and warms everyone equally. Who finds himself is like the sun

Japanese proverbs like this one are a source of positive energy. In this case, it enlightens us about how many people get carried away by their thoughts. We rate everything as we are. When you stop qualifying, you flourish.

5.- If you think about it, decide it. If you decided, don’t think about it

There is a very common problem in our culture, promising to do something. Next week I will go to the gym… We talk and think about our good intentions, but we do very little or nothing.

6.- Sadness is like a torn dress: you have to leave it at home

This Japanese quote reminds us that a sad person does not look good. Remember that happiness is the responsibility of each person. Nobody can make you happy.

7.- No one stumbles while lying in bed

Nobody progresses or gets what they want if they do nothing. If you do nothing you don’t make mistakes. If you have suggestions for these meanings of set phrases, comment.

8.- Do not hold back those who leave, nor reject those who arrive

Each person follows their path seeking to be happy. It doesn’t matter if he’s wrong, he needs those experiences. Each person comes to us to learn something. Japanese phrases like this fill us with wisdom.

9.- Husband and wife should be like hands and eyes: when the hand hurts, the eyes cry, and when the eyes cry, the hands dry the tears

This is a phrase of wisdom and reflection on life as a couple. We will always have problems, misunderstandings and distrust. But when we support each other in love we will support each other in all circumstances.

10.- It is better to be the enemy of a good person than the friend of a bad one

This is a wise saying of life about the values ​​of people. An honorable person will never attack you from behind. But a person without values ​​is not going to help you and if he is your enemy he will betray you.

11.- Although the sword is needed only once in life, it is necessary to carry it with you always

The meaning of this phrase warns us that we must always focus on our strengths to be successful. Nobody will take better care of us than to develop our strengths.

12.- Fast means: slow, but without pause…

The meaning of this phrase is to alert us to the importance of discipline to achieve a challenge. A discipline is cultivated little by little, day by day.

13.- If ordinary people did not exist, extraordinary people would not exist either

This Japanese phrase refers to the duality of our mind. We are always qualifying. The same circumstance is qualified as good or bad by different people.

14.- He who wants to climb invents the ladder

This is a Japanese phrase about discipline, determination and entrepreneurship. Who wants something from the heart, finds a way to achieve it even when everything is against him.

15.- If you started the path of your own free will, a thousand kilometers seem like only one

This is a Japanese discipline phrase. The meaning of phrases like this is the value of determination to achieve a challenge.

16.- Whoever drinks does not know how dangerous wine is, whoever does not drink it does not know how good it is

This meaning of this popular Japanese phrase is that of the importance of experience to know life. Who does not take action is not wrong, but he does not get what he wants.

17.- It is possible to bear rice and cold tea, but cold eyes and words are unbearable

It is important to understand philosophy as wisdom of life, because human warmth is important to a person. This phrase expresses that recognition is fundamental in every relationship.

18.- Victory belongs to the one who waits half an hour more than his opponent

The meaning of this Japanese phrase is persistence. We are always competing with the latest version of ourselves. You win and transform yourself when you do a little more than yesterday.

19.- A kind word can warm three months of winter

This phrase means that when you water a plant and take care of it as a plant, it blooms. Likewise, a person who is motivated with love flourishes.

20.- On the way let the fools and the crazy go first

Is there anything more superfluous than a person dominated by his ego? They can change from happy to sad from one moment to another. But if this experience touches you, heal in you, because they are in you.

21.- Check seven times before questioning a person

To question a person is to think about the person. About what is good or bad. Only thoughts and we can be wrong. What is good for us may be bad for others. Therefore, value your judgments with the opinion of at least 7 other people. You can also put yourself in different different perspectives. That person can be yourself.

22.- Do everything you can, leave the rest to fate

What you can do is not what you know or think you can do. This is a wise phrase to reflect on and differentiate between thinking and doing. Only by doing will you know what you can really do and that is enough, with your best effort.

23.- Sometimes the leaf sinks, but the stone floats

There are many enigmatic, impressive Japanese phrases that challenge our minds. They are not to think, but to feel, but to feel you must experience.

The meaning of this popular phrase warns us that sometimes we achieve something by luck. But we forget that our lack of training is still there. We will fail if we don’t learn fast

24.- The deep rivers flow slowly

The meaning of this phrase has to do with the flow of our talents. The more important a talent, the more we must work to use it.

25.- Happiness comes to the house where they laugh

I love the phrases of wisdom and love because they motivate us to the attitude of joy. Thinking or having good intentions is not enough. Who laughs at himself has already begun to walk towards his happiness.

26.- Do not be afraid of a small curve to straighten a straight line

This is another of the Japanese quotes that refers to the common fear of mistakes. It means that if you want to progress you should not be afraid of mistakes.

27.- Japanese phrases: The woman can cross the rock if she wants to

This is a Japanese phrase is to encourage women’s entrepreneurship. Only they have the privilege of experiencing the beginning of life. In them are all the blessings for life and its purposes to be successful.

28.- Poverty makes thieves like love makes poets

Both poets and thieves have the same 24 hours each day, the same sun and the same sky. But each one decides to feed his weaknesses or his strengths. If you have another meaning for these Japanese phrases, he comments on it.

29.- As long as he does not depart from the mind that pursues fame and profit, he will spend his life without finding peace. 

This Japanese proverb warns us about the danger of pursuing only material goods. To be happy, successful and at peace, we need to lead our inner world.

30.- If your opponent attacks with fire, face him with water, becoming totally fluid. Water by nature never collides. Rather, it absorbs any attack without dealing damage.

The meaning of this Japanese phrase: If they hate you, love.

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