It is always said that men are predisposed at any time to have sex. This is not 100% sure. It is true that sexual desire is greater than that of women but this does not mean that they should submit to what people say.

Women are usually given sexual rejection and avoid it, but nowadays these are also seen very often in men, for various reasons, such as stress, tiredness, chivalry among other reasons.

According to surveys, it is pointed out that more and more men are those who stop having sexual relations. When the man is rejecting the woman’s advances there is probably a good explanation for her lack of interest, and he has nothing to do with how he feels about her.

Experts in sexology comment that it is normal for men not to want sex occasionally.

To better understand this situation, in which men say no to sex, we present some of these reasons.

1- He doesn’t like you that much.

This would be one of the worst but very possible reasons for a man to avoid having sex with a woman. He probably likes you but not enough to come to that, men are very visual they almost never see the inner beauty to be interested in a woman.

Just as women have different tastes in terms of physique, the same happens with men, and that woman may not meet the standards they are looking for, so she decides to avoid sexual contact.

That idea that men like them all and sleep with anyone is not true. If the men don’t like something, he will leave the relationship as it is and won’t go to extremes with that woman he doesn’t like.

2- Due to fatigue.

Exhaustion really exists. That men do not have time to rest, relax, and recharge their batteries, will make them not in the mood for anything else.

Tiredness is usually one of the most common excuses, and they are not taken seriously. This tiredness can not only be physical, it can be mental and even due to lack of sleep. The important thing is that when this reason appears, women should not take it personally.

Being a little exhausted to make love after a long and hard day at work is very normal. So if the man says that he feels too tired for sex, he may really be. Just as women’s libido drops when they’re tired, men do too.

In this case, instead of feeling hurt or angry, you could start a conversation about that tiredness, accompanied by a good relaxing and somewhat erotic massage, they can help you raise your desire and make you feel desired and supported.

When a partner has unsynchronized libido issues, the worst thing to do is give up on the person with the greatest desire. The couple with desire must discover the keys and causes to take action to ignite the passion.

3- He wants you to think that he is not just looking for sex.

In this case it may be that the boy turns out to be quite a gentleman. That he also likes to pursue a girl who is respected, it is exciting, if it takes time to conquer the sexual desires of his girl.

This type of man will avoid you sexually, as long as it takes him to take over your emotions and make you silken little by little.

This does not mean that he does not want you, but on the contrary, the attraction is so great that the man decides to control his impulses and conquer the heart of his beloved, for when the two decide to take the passion to the maximum at the moment you decide to give him the if so yearned for him.

4- You became very intense.

If you show how much you like him, and you don’t hide it, if you control him at all times, surprise visits and not separating even five seconds from him will make the man retract and avoid you immediately.

And if, in addition to those types of persecution, you keep talking about marriage, children can be very intense comments. Maybe this man will run away in terror.

Men mature much later than women. This means that while the woman is already ready for a formal and serious relationship, the man is still ready to go out with friends and have several relationships before settling down. They still want a girlfriend to share good times with before becoming his wife.

If you decide to pressure the man, he will avoid you in any way since they do not like to feel pressured to do something they do not want at the moment.

Perhaps after these reasons you will be asking yourself questions like: What happened? What went wrong? It is very important that you try to understand that men have other types of emotional attachments and that they handle their feelings in a very different way.

Perhaps the moment they met is not the most propitious to have a relationship, because he does not feel ready, or he wants to continue having fun and does not want to harm that woman. Sometimes the problem is really in themselves, in the moment of life they are going through.

The reasons why a man avoids a woman can be thousands.

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