“I do not want women to have power over men, but over themselves” – Mary Wollstonecraft – English writer

Being an independent woman is not only a matter of habits, mentality is also important, since life projects focus on wanting to earn their own money, work in what they like, travel and be a fully realized woman before finding a partner. , or be working on it by the time it arrives.

An independent woman is characterized by several things. To begin with, know what she wants, she is a woman with clear goals in which she works every day, she is not afraid to take risks and knows she is capable of having her own opinion of herself. She is not afraid of changes, she is willing to try new and different things that imply a challenge. She is not conformist, when she wants something, she looks for the means to get it, she believes in herself and knows that she can overcome obstacles. Independent women know that the most important to them is themselves and their goal is to meet the goals that drive them to follow. They do not reject relationships, but are not willing to accept anything because they are not alone and use their hearts rationally. They have secret desires that are not visible to everyone,

They want someone who knows their cooking skills. Creating extravagant meals makes no sense if there is no one to share them with. Someone help me solve problems. Although they know how to do many things, they want a man to help them with the housework. Be the shoulder where someone can cry. They have experience in comforting friends and acquaintances in difficulty. They like to help others and are trustworthy. A dose of good wishes. They want someone who gives them good wishes every day; They are not people in need of love, but waking up with cute messages is always good for everyone and brightens anyone’s day. Someone who knows the details of his life. They want to have a person who calms their thoughts when sleeping. That someone see beyond her physical beauty. Women want to know that they are not only beautiful faces and bodies, but that the true value is in their intelligence and abilities. Have little surprises. Anything that breaks the monotony of everyday life strengthens the love between two people. Someone who expresses their emotions and feelings. It is important to know that you are loved and recognized, to know that there is someone who loves you and is interested in you. Yearn for a relationship. Women want to avoid that strange and unpleasant feeling of not being able to find a stable partner. They want someone who will revolutionize her senses and remind her that, in addition to everything she can and knows how to do, she is also capable of taking care of someone and being intimate with another. Feeling that chivalry is still in force. Details like opening the car door,

That people stop saying ‘how lucky you are’. He never questions a woman about her ability to choose the right man for her, she will know the moment she finds him. Stop questioning her singleness. People are always questioning others about their private lives and it’s the worst thing to do. What do you expect them to answer? You never know what someone else is carrying and what battles they are fighting, so don’t ask questions you don’t need to know. For people to stop acting like my life is empty. Independent women are happy being alone, they are not desperate looking for a partner nor are they in need of being accompanied. As they know what they want, they are not waiting for the prince to solve their lives, but for someone who really loves them and accepts them with what they are and what they have. They are also not worried about their fertility or dying to be moms, so don’t question them on this topic. Continue to be patient until you find a good love. They do not want to be alone nor do they have any concern about this issue, but they believe that there is someone outside who wants to be with them, so they know how to enjoy being single. Independent women have their own space and manage their own agenda, they need to be alone to organize their time and the activities they like to do, such as being with their friends, exercising, traveling, going out to eat, etc. They are women with an emotional strength that makes the comments of others do not affect them or make them feel bad, because they know they are whole. In short, independent women are one hundred percent sure of themselves,

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