Compatibility is important to have a good marriage, it is to develop skills to know each other, respect each other, understand each other, learn to live in harmony with your partner and be able to have a successful union.

It is the way in which people relate and act around important issues for their lives, managing to feel happy, satisfied, in harmony with that person you love, in this way you realize that you are compatible.

There are four types of compatibility for the relationship to be successful and more solid every day, we tell you about them here.

1- Physical compatibility

One of the most important elements between couples is bodily attraction, people must be attracted physically, this is what is called physical compatibility. Physical attraction makes the relationship last longer, a physical closeness helps to have a better dialogue, love, tenderness, affection, admiration and peace.

People must feel attracted to their partner, they must like each other despite the physical changes they have throughout life, so that they can enjoy their intimacy and do not look for other partners outside the relationship, because they cannot be satisfied by their partners and that they cannot make them happy.

To achieve this goal and maintain compatibility, affective ties must be increased in order to strengthen the relationship, fan the flame of love through new experiences, unexpected invitations, gifts, surprises.

2 -Emotional compatibility

There are people who only feel physical attraction, but not a deep emotional connection with the person they love. Emotional compatibility is to continue loving and respecting each other over the years, learning from the mistakes and successes of each one, managing to understand each other more every day, seeking the well-being of your partner.

Constant communication is key to achieving this compatibility with the loved one, commitment, respect, learning to communicate feelings and emotions in a way that your partner understands and can walk together in life, overcoming bad moments that arise every day.

3-Intellectual Compatibility

Each person is different, but what intellectual compatibility achieves is that despite the differences they admire and respect each other for who they are in their individuality, they can share their ideas without fear of being criticized, judged or hurt because they have common interests. .

Their conversations are pleasant and interesting, every day they learn new things from each other and motivate them to be better every day.

These people do not spend fighting to think that one is the one who is right or that they own the truth. People who are not compatible feel uncomfortable with their partner, they become unhappy, it affects their self-esteem, their beliefs and they sometimes feel inferior.

While it is true that we are all different, but we can learn new things from each other if we have good communication and respect the identity of each one, no one is better than the other, this is a principle that we must never forget.

4- Compatibility in wishes and dreams

Something very important for a couple to be successful is that they share desires and dreams, that they are on the same page. This is only achieved through maturity, sharing the same vision of what they want in life.

To be successful in marriage you must have clear goals and objectives and share them as a couple, each one cannot go their own way, you cannot try to change the other person, it is assumed that you fell in love with them for what they are.

How to solve the incompatibilities?

It is not true that opposites attract, but all is not lost, there are couples therapies that can help you improve the relationship.

If you think it’s worth saving, seek help to achieve better communication, commitment and respect.

Work together to defend their love, with respect, patience and tolerance in order to resolve the conflicts that arise and have a successful marriage.

There are some general rules that can help you have a happy marriage, for example: do not let the inconvenience or arguments ruin them, rather forgive in time, sometimes they can be little unimportant things that should be overlooked.

Another important element is to accept how the couple is and not want to change it, remember that you fell in love precisely because of those special characteristics.

Get out of the routine, refresh your relationship with something that surprises your partner, with a detail, a word of love, an invitation.

It is also important to be independent, spending time with your partner is necessary, but you cannot disappear as an individual. Take advantage of those spaces to do things by yourself.

Something fundamental is to respect the other person, he is not your property, you cannot command or direct his life, he is an adult, not a child who can be handled as you please, treat him as you want to be treated yourself.

It is very important that you love yourself first, your happiness does not depend on another person, when you learn to value yourself then you can value others.

Finally, to have a happy and solid marriage, you need to work as a team, it is a task for both of you, you can plan to do things together, have long-term goals, have hobbies, in short, think and act as a team and everything will work out for you.

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