It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, an intense and spectacular gaze will speak for itself. Those radiant looks are the ones that shine because of their large size.

But what happens if we have small, sunken eyes, very close together or very far apart? Not all of us have the same eye shape. To achieve the desired effect we only have to identify the type of eyes we have.

There are many easy, fast and very effective tricks with eyeliner to achieve any effect, and highlighting the look is not impossible to do. A few applied details can make your look the center of attention.

The eyeliner is not only used to better highlight the features of the eyes but also to give another appearance to your face. It is one of the makeup products that can make the face, specifically the eyes, look attractive and different.

Making a defined and well-drawn eyeliner is one of the beauty tricks that can be used to frame the look and make it more attractive.

Depending on how you apply it, you can open your eyes, lengthen your eyelids, simulate deep-set eyes and make them look perfect.

Apply these following tips that we give you in this article, on how you can outline your eyes according to the shape it has.

1- Small Eyes.

If you have small eyes, you should never outline the inner line of the eye, which is known as the water line in dark tones such as brown and black. To enlarge the look you must outline with a white or beige pencil, this will give it an enlarged effect.

If you can’t live without your black eyeliner, you should apply it only from the middle of the water line towards the outer part of the eye, never towards the tear duct.

The most important thing in the outline of the lower part is that it looks blurred, with some shadows you can achieve it. The main goal is to enlarge the eyes. Use a pencil eyeliner your finish will look much more natural.

If you underline the root of the upper eyelashes, they will make your eyes look bigger. You should also be very clear that the thicker your upper eyelid outline, the smaller your eyes will look.

2- Sunken Eyes.

A very characteristic feature of deep-set eyes is that the eyelid is usually a little darker than the rest of the facial skin. Also in this case it is very likely that dark circles will be more visible. If you have deep-set eyes, eyeliner in black or dark brown tones are not the best allies, they will make them look smaller and cloud even more.

It is advisable to use other shades of eyeliner such as green or gray, or perhaps the so-called invisible eyeliner. The ideal for this eye shape is to draw a very fine line flush with the upper eyelashes and fill in the spaces between them.

These are little tricks that allow you to visibly enlarge and enhance your eyes.

3- Eyes Together.

This type of eyes are characterized by being too close to the nose, people with sharp noses tend to have their eyes close together, so if you want to outline it, you should try to divert attention from the central area of ​​the face.

Having your eyes together does not imply that it is a defect, on the contrary, with the correct tricks you will be able to show off a more enlivened and defined look. For this type of eyes you have to create an effect that separates them.

To achieve this effect, the ideal is to make a broader outline and highlight the outer part of the eye, both in the lower and upper eyelids. A thick cat eye, from the middle of your eyes will look perfect.

In the outline of the lower water line, it is very important that the line ends right in the center of the eye, in no case should you finish the outline in the tear duct.

4- Separate eyes.

In this case it is the complete opposite of the above, for dozens of women separate eyes are even a bit exotic. However, others prefer to hide as much as possible.

The trick for women with wide-set eyes is to create a thick line across the upper eyelid, but without the tail at the beginning of the lower lashes. This stroke will visibly simulate that your eyes are closer to each other.

Keep the lower water line very clean or if you want to give your eyes a little light, you can outline it with a white, nude or beige eye pencil.

Enhance your look and remember to use the right products to take care of the health of your eyes, while beautifying them. For many it may seem difficult, but it is actually very simple. With these tips you already know how to beautify your look no matter what shape they have. You will become an expert as you discover the best tricks, and your face at the same time.

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