When you separate, the feeling of loneliness arises, but sometimes when you are in a relationship, that feeling of emotional emptiness also appears, due to lack of motivation or because they do not understand each other.

This emotional emptiness is distinguished by the great need for affection and love in the couple, a feeling of unhappiness, loneliness and dissatisfaction. It is constantly in your thoughts, it makes everything lose its meaning and you no longer feel anything, neither in front of things or people.

Demotivation, disappointment, rejection, abandonment, anguish and sadness appear and little by little it takes over the person. This lack is a feeling that is very difficult to explain for those who suffer from it and even more complicated for the people around us to understand.

If it is not treated it can turn into depression, that emptiness seems as if all the negative emotions decided to line up, gain strength and complicate your life.

The fight against this emptiness is not easy, you feel that you are adrift in a sea of ​​doubts, you can let yourself be defeated or take charge of your destiny and fight to recover your life and the joy of living.

For that you can take actions to overcome this difficult situation.

How to overcome it?

You must strengthen your self-esteem, the emotional emptiness is caused by an affective lack or by the loss of the couple, that is why it is essential to work in this area. Only you are responsible for your happiness or frustration no one else; affective abandonment does not mean that you cannot be loved and that you do not have to be perfect. You are a person like everyone else with virtues and defects, accept that there are aspects of you and your partner that you do not like, but that does not make you worth less. You must feel the emptiness, so that you begin to heal, do not ignore it or hide it, express what you have to say, take it out, because inside it is damaging you. Identify what makes you feel that great existential hole. Focus on that lack that does not leave you alone and solve it, Analyze how it is affecting your relationships with other people and in life in general. Identify what feelings and thoughts appear when you feel this way and when you think about them. Surround yourself with happy people, there is nothing like surrounding yourself with friends, acquaintances and family that raise your confidence and self-esteem, that love you as you are, that make you feel good. Go to activities that you are passionate about, from enjoying an afternoon of coffee with a friend, meeting with your family, reading a motivational book, listening to music; look for things that encourage you every day in daily activities, if you look at the greatest gift you have is to be alive, it is a privilege that many do not have. Exercise, with sport your body produces endorphins that cause you pleasure, which can help you feel better, Also, if you are focused on sports, you don’t have time to think about negative things. Join a gym, walk, take yoga or dance classes, take the stairs to your office. It is an effective means to reassess the relationship, reflect and become aware of the importance of the love bond. In case you have broken up with your partner, it will help you resume your life individually, focus on the things and people that give meaning to your day to day life.

Do not forget that couples therapy can never be prolonged, it must go to the point, unblock and then let them do the rest together, if it does not work forget it, this can help you realize that you are with the wrong person and that you have left much to live.

There are people who try to fill that void with a new love, food, alcohol, completely filling their agenda to be able to eliminate that hole that causes them great pain and damage, it really is unbearable, but it is necessary. People seek to fill it out of themselves but this is not possible, it can help you for a while, but it will always come back because the key is inside you and only you have the ability to achieve it and be happy.

First get to know yourself and accept yourself as you are with your flaws and virtues. You have to go deep, so that you identify factors that trigger negative emotions, put a stop to it and look for the remedy.

You must externalize what you feel, talk about it, about what torments you to heal the emotional wounds and cause that emptiness.

Ask for help, that does not mean that you are weak, but that you are able to recognize that you need someone to be able to face your problem.

Value what you have, accept your reality as it is, everything you have inside, your gifts and virtues, you are not only seeing your flaws, you are a human being, perfection does not exist, you are constantly changing and evolving towards someone better. You are unique and unrepeatable.

Your life has meaning, value what makes you feel comfortable, what you like to do, enjoy and feel alive, get to know yourself better, I assure you it will be fun to see what you are capable of.

Live intensely as if this were the last day, although sometimes life doesn’t make sense, just keep going, later you will realize that everything will fit into the final puzzle.

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