5 Date Ideas if you are Broke – Date Ideas

No one said love came cheap. Whether you are single and going out with new people all the time or married and keen to spark alive, a date night even one a week can really start to pinch you.

Whether you’re fifteen or forty-five, everyone is broke at some stage or another. That doesn’t mean your date has to be a dud or that you have to skip out altogether!

Picnic in the park

Put together a picnic basket with a few sandwiches, a carton of juice, muffins or any other dessert that is lying in your kitchen.

Movie Marathon

The at-home movie marathon is an easy and almost free date. This is a great get-together if the female has already expressed an interest in movies.

Take a Historical Walking Tour of Your Town

Almost always free, historical walking tours actually make you stop and appreciate the history that most of us drive by every single day.

Picture Day

This is my favorite date when I am broke and I have pulled it off many times. All it requires is a camera, preferably digital, and some good location ideas.

Walk on the Beach

Affordable first date ideas? Sounds difficult doesn’t it? A first date is all about making a good first impression and hence how can you possibly be cheap there?

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