How many times have we had that annoying accumulation of gases in our body, which even on many occasions have put us in an embarrassing situation for coming out at unexpected moments, either by laughing suddenly or by making very forced movements. However, gases are normally formed in the digestive tract, when the decomposition process occurs and food is not well digested. To avoid this, the ideal is to maintain a good eating habit, that is, eat healthy and easily digestible foods. But apart from meals, you can also do other activities that help eliminate it.

In general, when gases accumulate in large quantities, they suggest being eliminated by our body, otherwise, they can produce certain pains and cramps, all this due to inflammation in the abdomen. For that reason and as we have already said above, it is important that you learn to maintain a healthy diet, and not only that, you can add an exercise routine to your food intake that will help you better eliminate flatulence. As you can see, the lack of movement, working sitting down and even anxiety can accumulate gases in our body.

Are there specific exercises to eliminate gases? Yes, for that reason we bring you here 5 of them that could help you.

1- The baby’s posture
This position is easy to do. To do this, the ideal is to keep sitting on your knees, try to lean your body forward and stretch your arms out in front. Another way to do this position is to lay on your back, raise your legs and bend your knees against your chest, once you have done that you must open later and try to grab your feet with your hands. In both cases, it is recommended to stay like this for a period of 30 seconds.

2- Ride the bike

This exercise is extremely simple, because to do it you simply have to ride a bicycle. There are two ways to do this exercise: one can be cycling, that is, walking outdoors, and the other way is with a stationary bicycle, depending on your choice. Either way the results will be positive if you do it right. Through this activity, you will get your stomach activated and therefore, more easily eliminate the gases that you have accumulated. Riding a “bike” also gives you benefits such as: cardiovascular health, burning fat and calories, among other things.

3- Move your hips

To be able to carry out this easy activity, it is important that you find a comfortable place where you can lie down, if you have a mat, it will be very useful. Once you have lain down, you should place your arms extended to the sides of your head, also your knees should remain slightly bent. You should do the exercise in this way: while lying down, try to move your knees from one side to the other, this will make your hips rotate slightly constantly, but if possible, avoid moving your trunk. As you go through this process, it is important that you accompany it with a few breaths in a gentle way, to obtain results.

4- Arc-shaped position

At first glance, this posture can be somewhat complicated, however it can be quite effective. The first thing you should do is position yourself face down, then you should stretch your arms to the sides of the body, with your legs you also have to do the same. Once you have done that, the next step is to bend your knees bringing your feet towards the direction of your head, in this way you must hold your ankles with your hands, thus forming a bow-like posture. Once you manage to do that, try to stay that way for a few seconds, because that way you will achieve extremely positive results.

5- Cobra posture

This position is somewhat similar to the bow position. You must place yourself on a comfortable surface (preferably a mat) with your mouth facing downwards, then you have to place your feet on the ground with your legs extended, while your arms must be close to your torso, so that they are under your arms. shoulders and flat on the ground. When you adopt the indicated position, you must breathe in through your nose and raising yourself with your arms, you have to slowly lift your chest off the floor, something you must do progressively and avoid moving the rest of your body. It is recommended to hold yourself in that position for 30 seconds.

It is not necessary to spend hours and hours in the gym to eliminate that discomfort caused by gases. It is enough to carry out the short and simple exercises that we have exposed here, tasks that a person can do even in the comfort of their home. But do not forget to accompany that with a good diet.

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