The history of tattoos dates back to ancient times. Over the centuries, the practice of marking oneself using the body as a canvas to leave printed motifs, drawings or emblems of all kinds, has gone through different stages and this industry, because it should now be considered as such, has overcome numerous stigmas.

In recent decades , the positive social perception of tattoos has gained ground and has been incorporated into society as one more complement. Years ago it was unthinkable that people from different professional sectors would wear a tattoo. Today, all this is much more normalized.

In the thousands of years that have passed since human beings marked their skin with ink, endless themes and varieties of tattoos have become popular. For some time now, tattoos with geometric figures are gaining interest on the part of lovers of this practice. If you want to know which ones generate the most expectation, learn more about geometric tattoos at .

Table of Contents

  • 1 Animal tattoos
  • 2 Constellations and other astral tattoos
  • 3 Arrows and triangles
  • 4 Polygonal polygons
  • 5 Bracelet Tattoos

animal tattoos

A variant of geometric tattoos that generates a lot of interest among women are animal tattoos. Through a base of geometric lines you can draw practically any animal. Felines, for example, are very common, both wild: lions, panthers, tigers; like the domestic ones, because many people decide to tattoo the silhouette of their cat.

Dogs, which are the most popular pets, are also great protagonists of these geometric tattoos. In the wild animal world there is also room for tattoos of owls, elephants, bears or butterflies , among others.

Constellations and other astral tattoos

Constellation tattoos are, by their usual representation of a group of stars, geometric tattoos. At the plane level we can only capture or draw the constellations as a geometric figure , so that a tattoo with this theme is, by definition, a geometric tattoo.

Beyond showing love for astronomy, which can be represented through this type of tattoo or with other astral ones such as planets, starry skies, the moon, the sun … what is intended with these figures is to show the immensity of space. Thus, constellation tattoos represent groups of stars that wander through the immense space, represented in the human body.

These tattoos, increasingly present in important studio templates, are more common in women , since tattoos for men are more associated with a rougher, less elegant character. In any case, the tattoo industry also tries to disassociate itself from gender stereotypes and topics.

arrows and triangles

Arrows, when used as weapons, suggest skill, power, and energy. It is one of those figures that can have numerous associated meanings , hence the prevalence of many people who opt for this type of drawing.

In many cases they are shared tattoos, that is, they are collective, they are worn by several people: groups of friends, families, couples… For many people, marking their skin with a reason of this type allows them to wear a tattoo but not be “disowned” socially in some way, because they are minimalist geometric tattoos that are very accepted by society.

Something similar happens with triangles. They have become very fashionable in recent years, both this figure and others that we will review later. For the urban hipster tribe , triangle tattoos are a benchmark, especially wearing them on the arm or elbow.

Polygonal polygons

Rubik’s cubes, hexagons, hearts made from polygons…practically any shape can be drawn using straight lines. This group includes figurative geometric tattoos , which are those that refer to a figure recognizable by the general public.

Prisms, pentagons, pyramids … all kinds of polygons, regular or not, fit into this type of tattoo. Geometry is part of art and we see it historically in civilizations such as the Islamic, of which there are large vestiges in Spain, especially in the southern half of the country.

bracelet tattoos

Discovering what is hidden behind a tattoo is, on many occasions, quite daring. The meanings of the tattoos do not respond to a generalized maxim , although certain habitual behaviors can be deciphered.

In the case of bracelet and bracelet tattoos , what users are looking for is to get convoluted designs and hide those mysteries. Many of these designs that simulate to behave like bracelets or bracelets include Polynesian motifs, tribal, Celtic symbols and exotic characters that generate a lot of interest among the general public.

Geometric figures are a very common constant in current tattoos. Their mysterious meaning and their minimalist and “white and innocuous” character make them increasingly popular. Are you attracted to these tattoos?

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