When he is with you in intimacy, have you ever wondered if he enjoyed it?

Men are not the only ones who wonder if we end up satisfied, we often ask ourselves the same thing. It is easy to think that men always have a good time, because he is biologically more prone to this, but anyway, as women we should worry that this is really happening. So if you are one of the women who have this curiosity, then keep reading the article, since later we will expose 5 gestures that indicate that the man enjoyed sex.

This question is usually more frequent when you are starting a relationship or when it is the first time we were with someone. When asking, it is most likely that they will tell us yes, but it is a somewhat concise answer for what we are looking for, so we have to look for signs that can complement the answer a bit. For this, we will explain in more depth about some behaviors that you should take into account:

1. Stay glued to you.

When a man feels safe and happy, it may be that he cuddles up to you or that he wants to cuddle you, this means that he enjoys the moment, he feels calm with you, he likes to feel your body on his skin, it may be that he cares for you with sweetness and that you want to talk about how the relationship was or how you feel.

2. Have you ever heard the term dry orgasm?

Dry orgasm is when a man climaxes sexually, but does not ejaculate. This means that there is no doubt that he has enjoyed intercourse with you. It usually happens after a few encounters and it’s because the man’s body doesn’t have any more semen. It will take between 4 to 6 hours to recover, it is not frequent but it can leave you in doubt if you do not know that it exists.

Some of the signs that can make you think that perhaps I am not having such a good time are: if he wants to get into the shower immediately, if he cares about marking his space in bed, he prefers to watch TV, etc. And others that are more obvious are if he does not want to talk, if he ignores you or if you feel that he could be angry.

Another important sign is to see if he stays in bed staring at nothing with his eyes open. This means that I am tired, after everything that happened. It may be that he is also trying to commit it to his memory, so it is likely that he liked your skills in bed very much and is sure to have been satisfied with the experience. So don’t be surprised when he asks for a second or third round.

3. He doesn’t stop talking to you.

When a man is having a good time, then it’s natural that he won’t stop talking to you, he may even speak lower or in your ear. All this to know if you like me as much as he likes me. Most likely, he will talk and ask you until you tell him everything necessary to repeat the experience in the future.

It may also be that he talks to you more animatedly and asks you questions about your life, which can be a little deeper and that he feels a genuine interest in knowing everything about you.

On the other hand, if he chooses to remain silent, in an uncomfortable silence that generates an atmosphere of tension, then it is clear that he did not have a very good time. Another action that gives them away is getting out of bed immediately after finishing and ordering a taxi. This is a key signal to show that things are not going the right way.

4. You completely forget what you had to do.

If this happened to him, it means that he was able to completely disassociate himself and give himself up at the moment. It means that she was able to ignore what was around her and in her mind so intensely that she was able to concentrate on what was happening at that very moment.

It may even be that he entered a kind of trance where he could have forgotten what he had to do. This is ideal for men, it allows them to rest for a moment from their routine and obligations. It is also irrefutable proof that they were able to give themselves totally to the moment and to the sexual relationship.

5. He walks around completely naked.

This is a sign that he feels completely comfortable with you and in your home. It is a sign that he had good sex and that he felt that there was a more intimate connection with you, that is, one does not feel confident to walk around naked anywhere.

Also when men are naked it is for you to look at their body and you can strengthen their ego and virility. There is no better way to achieve this than walking around the room showing off your naked body. Then a good idea would be that you tell him what you think of his naked body or that you tell him a compliment that reaffirms that it is okay for him to walk naked.

Now that we have written the 5 most common gestures that men make when they enjoy sex, then we hope that you will not have any doubts the next time you are curious to know if your man liked the sexual relationship or not. And if you still have doubts, despite the fact that you notice these behaviors in him, then it is time to have a more serious conversation with him, which allows him to explain the reasons behind his behaviors, since it is not very frequent. nor is it very normal for a man to behave strangely after sex. And if it is something typical of him, it is good that you know it so that you can be sure that you are not doing anything wrong.

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