If it is that occasionally you want to return to your 18 or 20, but only in appearance, that is, you want to preserve the maturity that you have now, then do not miss the following tips about what hair colors would suit you better and will make you look much younger.

Youth is a state of mind, so seeing ourselves younger helps us feel that way. That is why we encourage you to continue reading these beauty tips, so that you can take years off your appearance by painting your hair in a different tone. Do you dare to change your hair tone?

Do you want to know which are the most suitable colors?

Experts recommend choosing a color very similar to the one we naturally have, that is, if your hair is light brown, you can look for another darker or lighter shade of brown.

When choosing the dye, specialists emphasize that one that is free of ammonia is used, since it usually damages the hair.

If you choose a dye with ammonia, we have to warn you that even if you go to the hairdresser to get the most expensive massages, not even avocado, olive oil or egg masks will be able to help your hair recover its previous shine. and the softness. So that’s why we recommend that you choose a hair dye product that does not contain ammonia.

So here we share the tips that stylists give

If you are hesitating between two tones, always choose the lighter one, since in general they are more flattering to the skin compared to dark tones. Regardless of how you have the skin, if you are dark or fair, dark colors highlight your features more, making you look a little older compared to usual.

To make the dye stand out more, then ask your hairdresser to cut your hair with movement and tell them that you want your hair strands to fall gracefully on your face. He will know how to cut your hair so that these locks frame your face and, incidentally, give your expression more softness.

Always take care that the haircut pleases you, so be patient when you have to choose and then explain how you want your hair to look. To make your hair look more natural, use mousses and lacquers with a soft setting, this way you can handle your hair with greater precision, whether you have it wavy, with slight waves or straight.

Next we are going to present which are the most antiaging tones, make sure that the tone you choose adapts well to your skin, regardless of whether you are white, brunette or brunette.

mid tones

When you are choosing the hair color you want, remember that shades that are too dark tend to harden the face. So rule out black hair colors, as that color will almost never give you a fresher look.

If you are going to use a dark tone, then the key is to mix it with another color that gives it a little light and reflections. The colors with which they recommend doing this are hazelnut or chocolate.

Light brown:

Most of us Latinas love to renew our closet and hair, it’s something we can’t live without changing. If you have a long hair cut, have you considered dyeing it brown? To “cheat” your age, ideally you can lighten your hair one or two shades.

Another reason not to go for dark brown or black is because they highlight wrinkles much more compared to other shades.


If you do have some gray hair, whether it’s because you’re entering your 30s or because of heredity, then this is obviously something to worry about. And perhaps, it is an even greater concern, if you are about to enter 45 years, since at that age, they become even more evident and natural.

If you want to solve the “problem” of showing gray hair when there are already too many to remove, then we recommend that you use a honey tone of hair or that you consider dyeing your hair with golden highlights. These last ones hide the annoying gray hair very well.


Copper hair has the quality that it is alive and at the same time warm. Being also very soft, then they have the effect of making your skin look fresher.


We love! Who does not like the color chocolate? In addition, this color is good for all skin types, regardless of whether you are dark or fair.

Choosing the next shade of hair is not something to do from one minute to the next, since we must take into account our haircut, the color of our complexion and which dyes do not have ammonia. Also, if you have a desire to look younger, the choice takes on a new level of difficulty. That is why we have exposed the tone changes that make your appearance look younger. And you, what hair color will you try next?

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