Have you ever wondered if someone you know is really a sociopath or a narcissist? How can you distinguish between both conditions?

First of all, let us tell you that: all sociopaths are narcissists, but not all narcissists are sociopaths. Confused, right? Next, we will explain it to you.

Although there are definitely similarities between both types of personalities, the motivations that lead them to act as they do are of different origin. The sociopath wants to control every facet of your life, while the narcissist wants you to have an almost religious devotion to him, to give him all your time and attention.

However, both the sociopath and the narcissist will say similar things to get you to act as they intend.

Next, we will leave you 5 typical phrases that both the narcissist and the sociopath use to make you doubt yourself and achieve their goals.
1. I hate drama

They will make sure you know that they supposedly detest unnecessary drama and trouble,

but it won’t be long until you realize that they are people surrounded by dramas, intrigues and conflicts, what’s more, they have more dramas than anyone you’ve met up to that moment.

First they idolize you above all the rest, they praise you for your way of being, so devoid of problems and kind But, remember, they are pathological liars, serial fraudsters and the eternal victims. Before long these characteristics begin to emerge, causing you tremendous confusion.

Every time you bring up something that worries or frustrates you, they once again state that they hate drama, making you feel bad for bringing up what’s bothering you. They will make you feel like you are the drama queen or king.

2. You are…..

Insert negative qualifying adjective. Crazy, bipolar, envious, bitter, secretly in love with them, selfish, liar… The list goes on and on. The insults usually start when they perceive that they are no longer cheating on you like before and the relationship is in danger of going downhill. At the beginning of the relationship they will tell you that without exception all their previous partners and former friends, colleagues etc. They were: crazy, bipolar, envious, bitter or still in love with them and can’t get over the breakup. This does not prevent them from continuing to maintain contact with all these supposedly toxic people, using them to create chaos. Then, they place you in that same category, making you feel insecure, destroying your self-esteem. While they are dedicated to denigrating you, they are looking for justifications for their toxic behavior.

3. You are too sensitive

Gone is the time where they praised you and praised you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they will ignore you for days waiting for your reaction. When you finally fall down and react, they will tell you that you are a hypersensitive or very needy person. They will insult you, put you down, and criticize you. (many times they do all this in a humorous or joking tone) testing what your limit is before reacting.

So, they will use your reactions to make you look like a crazy exaggerated, in a short time they can turn you into an anxious and self-doubting person.

4. You misunderstood

We all misunderstand what we are told from time to time, it is completely normal. But narcissists and sociopaths will say things they know will upset you. So when you react, they have the ability to turn things around in such a way as to make you believe that you have understood everything wrong, they are even able to deny having said what they said.

This is called gaslighting—blatantly doing or saying something and then blaming yourself for misreading it all, even going so far as to make the argument happen. The fact is that you have understood perfectly well what they said, they are only trying to make you doubt yourself and question your sanity.

5. You can’t live without me

This is the result that every sociopath and narcissist wants to achieve. They use manipulative techniques and phrases and take actions in order to make you believe that you could not live without them. But, they don’t do this because they want a healthy relationship with you. What they want is control over you and they get it if they make you feel like an unbalanced person. Don’t let them get away with it, you can and will survive without them.


Detect the toxic behavior patterns of these people in time and without hesitating a minute, walk away.

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