Having sex or making love, whatever you want to call it, is one of the most beautiful and pleasurable things that a human being can experience, so if you are going to have an intimate encounter with another person, try to give your best. The secret is not only in the penetration, as you know there are people who even pretend to be excited when they really are not. Well, the main job of each one is to make the person enjoy in that sense, that he feels pleasure and desire to have more, not simply to do it to fulfill.

Sometimes it may happen that you or your partner do not dare to try new things, despite the fact that these details regarding intimacy can give a new air to the relationship. In sexual life there is also monotony, and sometimes it is necessary to break some schemes, do certain things that surprise and help rekindle the flame of passion. If you need to know how to achieve that, let us tell you that the Kamasutra is one of the best allies.

It is well known that the Kamasutra has countless tips and positions that will help us enjoy and get out of the routine during sex. According to what is mentioned by Tantra Touch, the Kamasutra is characterized by having postures that can become very difficult, however, you should also know that there are others that are easier, where you do not necessarily have to be an expert or have too much flexibility to be able to perform them. Here we show you 5 simple postures of the kamasutra:

1. Scorpio: In this position, he lies on his back and she sits on top of him but with her back to him. Maintaining that position, he has to initiate a penetration accompanied by a smooth rocking. This action can gradually increase her speed and also let her back practically reach a point of support on the male chest, on the other hand, you must leave your legs parallel to those of your partner. The advantage of this position is that the man can caress erogenous zones such as the breasts and the clitoris, he can also kiss her and say things in her ear. The most important thing is that the penetration becomes very deep and the man is the one who takes the rhythm, while she receives the scorpion.

2. Butterfly: To perform this pose, she must sit on the man and swing her torso back. When doing that, she must also place her legs forward and basically they must look at each other, that is, the woman does not turn her back on the man. Both must perform a pelvic movement in a circular way, but it must be in the opposite direction of each other. Another way to do it is for the woman to lie down on her in one place and he can stand in front of her. It should be a place where your pelvis is slightly above his. She then places your legs on her shoulders and tilts your pelvis up so that your back forms a straight line towards hers, and your genitals meet.

3. Fruit tree: For this, it is necessary for her to support one leg on her partner’s chest and leave the other leg aside. In this way, a smooth and rhythmic rocking should be maintained to intensify the stimulation and achieve a fairly deep penetration. This is a variant of another Kamasutra posture called the Indra. Although in the Indra posture the woman flexed both knees and rested her feet on the chest of her partner, in the “fruit tree” one of the female legs is released to reduce the pressure on her and have the same pleasure. So the man penetrates her vaginally and pushes his bent knee against her chest.

4. Anvil: Here the partner should basically position themselves as if they were going to perform the missionary position, but instead, she should place her feet on the shoulders of her partner. You will feel a deeper penetration. As advantages of this position, apart from granting the possibility of maximum penetration, it also provides very intense sensations to the woman, even more so if the man manages to ejaculate in this position. On his part, the man allows him to fulfill some of his domination fantasies. But beware, doing this can become potentially painful for the woman if her penis reaches the bottom of the vagina or if it is insufficiently lubricated.

5. Lovers: Or called “union of lovers”, here both must be placed standing, one in front of the other, thus being both at the same height, because for greater comfort it is worth the use of a bench or chair to achieve it. The idea is that the man caresses the vaginal lips and the entire vulva with his penis, exciting both just by the touch of this movement. After moments of friction, the vulva will open naturally to allow a superficial penetration but at the same time very exciting due to the position of both standing. So you can start a highly pleasurable sexual encounter.

If you want additional advice, when performing these positions you can consider using sensual oils or lingerie, since it is not too much to play with the imagination. So this is the time to leave behind that sexual monotony and show off to your partner in bed, what are you waiting for?

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