What phase are you in? Most of us have experienced a breakup at some point in our lives, so we know how painful it is. And although sometimes we justify ourselves with the phrase “he wasn’t the right one for me”, there is always a little pain when faced with a love failure, because it wasn’t what we expected. Sometimes, despite believing that we have the ‘perfect relationship’, something goes wrong and things end. This phenomenon has an explanation: the psychologist Jed Diamond has reached the conclusion that people do get to know our better half; and even perfect relationships exist, only not all people are capable of facing these 5 stages of a relationship.

1. Infatuation

This is the best stage in a relationship, because you are flooded with the hormones of happiness. Falling in love feels so good because it creates the illusion of a happy life next to that person you like so much; You imagine that all wishes will come true and that this relationship will surpass everything that has happened in the past. You faithfully believe that this relationship will be forever.

2. Beginning of the relationship

This stage goes very hand in hand with the previous one; however, a formal commitment already exists here. It is no longer just a date that you have with that person; both have acquired certain responsibilities that involve relationships. They get to know each other more intimately, and it is at this stage that many couples decide to get married and have children, which further strengthens their relationship.

You feel loved, protected and safe. You think you are at the highest level of love and there is nothing beyond. This is where you ensure that the person who is by your side is ‘the love of your life’ and nothing can separate them. (Keep reading)

3. Disappointment

This is the stage where most relationships fail. Although, during the second stage we begin to identify that our partner is a human being with defects like any other, reality also falls like a bucket of ice water. It can happen slowly, or it can happen in the blink of an eye. Apparently what used to be between you and your partner is fading: he has changed too much and there is no longer a bit of the human being that made you fall madly in love; you want to take a breath, you need to know if he really is the one, because he apparently is not the type of person you expect to spend the rest of your life with.

4. Overcoming the crisis and real love

Few relationships manage to jump to this stage; however, once you do, things become simpler and more beautiful. Gone are the idealizations of a perfect partner, now you know that you are with a real man, with flaws and disadvantages. You understand and accept it, both begin to feel a real and indestructible love. . (Keep reading)

5. Using the potential of both to change the world

Both have understood that their relationship will have difficult moments, but that their love is capable of overcoming all differences and misunderstandings. A deep connection has been created between the two, and it is when they understand that together they have the strength to achieve great things in this world. Not just as a couple, but as human beings. They have a purpose and are willing to fulfill it. They begin to work for him, encourage each other and overcome every obstacle. It is at this moment when you feel the security that in truth ‘he is the right person’. Source: http://www.mujer.guru/2016/10/15/amor-5-etapas-la-mayoria-las-couples-no-logran-superar-la-tercera/

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