In light of what unfortunately happened with Edith Gonzalez, whose death moved everyone and everyone, today we bring you the list of 5 actors who have died and apparently no one noticed.

#1 Karla Alvarez

He died on November 15, 2013 at the age of 41. This 2018 marks five years of that event. Throughout her life, Karla starred in a series of personal and professional scandals. Her death was also shrouded in controversy due to how surprising she was. She was also fired from the telenovela Que bonito amor, produced by Salvador Mejia, due to alcoholism.

In 2010, the magazine TVNotas released a video in which Karla Alvarez is captured leaving a restaurant; In her images you can see that she insists on driving but her companions, given her inconvenient state, prevent her from doing so.

Years before, she was also caught drunk when leaving a bar in Miami.

Days before her death, Radio Formula reported that the protagonist of “Mi querida Isabel” was a victim of crime when six subjects stole her truck and beat her. It was later reported that the cause of the famous woman’s death was respiratory failure, but this condition could be related to the problems of bulimia and anorexia that she suffered for years.

#2 Gerardo Hemmer

More than two decades have passed since the Mexican actor Gerardo Hemmer lost his life unexpectedly, at only 22 years of age. What caused a surprise for the entire public of Mexico.

In 1995, the soap opera La Paloma, made by Televisa and under the production of Jose Rendon, came to the screen, where the protagonists were Maite Embil and the actor Gerardo Hemmer, but the story was not completed because Gerardo died suddenly when they met. in full recording of the melodrama. The media covered the note of his death, sharing that the authorities revealed that his cause of death was due to a gas leak in his apartment while he was sleeping.

For a time it was believed that this was the real reason, but then a new version of Gerardo’s death was discovered, since the magazine Estilo DF revealed in its column that he had been the victim of a crime of passion.

#3 Lorena Rojas

Lorena died on February 16, 2015 in Miami after losing her fight against cancer shortly after adopting her daughter Luciana.

According to her account, her sister “wanted to be a mother and, at that time, she didn’t have a partner, so Lorena told me ‘I’m going to do all the necessary studies’ to determine if I was in “perfect conditions to be able to buy sperm anyway, because I I want to be a mom”. After the tests, the doctor said “here is something we don’t like” and it was in this way that both received the news of the disease that had attacked the body of Lorena Rojas – who was only 35 years old at the time – and with the who struggled for nine years. Mayra Rojas also said that both hid details of Lorena’s health from her mother. “Suddenly my sister spoke to me and told me ‘I have an appointment and maybe today I won’t leave the hospital, because I feel low with my defenses, but don’t tell my mom’ and I had to keep quiet,

#4 Monica Spear

Monica Spear was a Venezuelan actress, model, she won the Miss Venezuela 2004 contest. She died on January 6, 2014. The beauty queen went on vacation to Venezuela at the end of 2013 with her husband and daughter. An incident when they were traveling on the Valencia-Puerto Cabello highway in Carabobo state stopped her and her family. While the car was being towed away, some criminals murdered her and her husband. Her daughter was injured. The investigation revealed that the event occurred in the so-called “Death Corridor”. The criminals placed stones as traps so that the cars would stop. What Monica and her husband found was death. In addition, it was learned that she was on a reconciliation plan.

5# Eduardo Palomo

Eduardo Palomo was having dinner with some friends at a restaurant in Los Angeles, California. A person told a joke and the Mexican actor began to laugh. Then something unexpected happened, it seemed that he had fallen asleep half laughing, but in reality he had suffered a heart attack.

It was November 2003 and Palomo, then 41 years old, was already a figure in Mexico thanks to soap operas like La Picara Sonadora and, above all, Corazon Salvaje, where he gave life to the unforgettable “Juan del Diablo”.

It was that sudden heart attack that ended the life of one of the stars of Televisa, born on May 13, 1962 and who at that time had been living in the United States for some years and away from TV in Mexico to enjoy his wife Carina Ricco and his children Fiona and Luca.

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