Often, when we start a relationship we have many doubts about what our partner feels for us, and even more so when we do not feel that anything is concrete or naturally consolidated in the couple. Good clues never hurt for it, so we have prepared a list of at least 5 signs that a boy always does unequivocally when he is in love:

1- He wants to hear from you every day

Men in love want to hear from the woman they love every day, no matter how busy they are, they always make time to call, write and hear from you. Your brain releases oxytocin every time you talk to your loved one, and this behavior tends to repeat itself frequently. Normally, they seek contact with the other person, no matter if it is a physical encounter (date) or not, they will always seek to feel close to the person they love in any way that is necessary.

If you notice that your boy communicates with you several times a day, finds the time to see you even if he has a lot of work or commitments of any kind, there is a high probability that he is in love and does not stop thinking about you all the time, but, for On the contrary, if your boy doesn’t call you or write you every day, stop! It may be that he likes you, but not enough to define it as falling in love and wanting to have contact with you all the time.

2 – Does things for you

When a man is in love, he does important things for his girl, no matter what she is, but he will always be there to do things for you. It may be from accompanying you to a place you need to go or doing something that you cannot do and the yes. He will try to help with everything and be there for you at all times, and even when he has things to do, he will accommodate his schedule just to see you and help you with what you need.

Men are happy to feel needed by their girl when they love her, they always seek to make you see and feel that he is your superhero and can do everything you need them to do for you. From changing a pipe, to driving for hours to a place to run an errand. It goes with the sense of protection that men develop towards women when there is a bond of love.

3 – Fulfills everything it promises you

Often, men tend to let down girls who are not very interested in them, but if your guy is one of those who fulfills everything he promises you, like calling you or doing something with you, he always arrives on time for dates and never looks for excuses not to be around. your side, we have good news for you: he is crazy about you.

When men fulfill the things they promise and are always willing to do what they have said, it is because they are in love and feel happy, at ease with their partner and everything that surrounds them, they plan together, there are frequent moments of surprise and They make an effort to spend time with the person they love, even if they have family commitments, outings with friends or other activities that do not include you in them.

Men tend to be uninclusive with women when they have casual plans with friends, but if he includes you in the circle or takes the time to be with you for just a few hours, without a doubt, he is in love with you.

4- They are not afraid to take the next steps for the relationship

By nature, men are reluctant to take steps in relationships, they run away from commitment and do not want to feel chained to any girl, because their primary instinct is to be free and have the option of having other partners, but when they take steps without fear in a relationships such as: introducing yourself to the family, going out with his friends from work, taking you to his parents’ house or including you in very personal plans, congratulations! That boy, is more in love than you imagine.

For men it is difficult to get the idea of ​​taking the next steps in the relationship, but when they are with the right person, they are not afraid for a single second to face everything and everyone in order to get the girl they love. So if you notice that he is convinced to move forward with the relationship and take important steps on it, it is a good indication that he trusts his feelings and is happy and in love with you.

5- Make plans for the future with you

If a man doesn’t make future plans with you, he probably isn’t too interested in you. If they talk to you about being ¨ here in a few weeks ¨ or the typical ¨ I live from day to day ¨ he does not see you as the person with whom he wants to share his future. Often, men look for girls they like instinctively, but for them it makes a big difference to want to share some time with them and see her a few times without commitment, that the girl they want to share their hobbies, their friends, their most relevant projects personally, his life and day to day in general.

Normally, when a man loves you for future plans, he talks about what they will do in the next few months or years, with the certainty that they will be together and will be able to continue enjoying their relationship.

If the boy you met or the couple who is by your side does not have these characteristics, ask yourself where the relationship is going and if he is involved enough in it, since the most important thing is that you do not compromise your happiness and your time to people who don’t give everything you show you deserve.

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