No matter how it happens or with whom, infidelity always produces a degree of pain. However, there is one thing that all unfaithful people have in common, and that is that they always end up regretting something. There are different reasons for committing an act of infidelity, it can be for revenge, out of boredom, for the simple fact of having an affair, among other things, but everyone always ends up sharing something: regret. We will just tell you about the things that people who have been unfaithful to their partners usually regret. No matter the degree: marital relationship or serious couple, the consequences are the same.

There are several influential factors for a person to be unfaithful to their partner, to name a few, we have lack of sex as the main factor, then we have other reasons that commonly cause infidelity, which are lack of communication and monotony.
Who regrets more: men or women?

According to a study carried out by American psychologists and sexologists, they point out that only 7.2% of women feel guilt after having committed a betrayal. On the other hand, unlike the female gender, there is a majority of men who find it difficult to live with an internal reproach, after having committed infidelity, 19.4%.

Common things they regret

Here we will tell you 5 things that people commonly regret after cheating on their partner:

1. They regret not having properly valued the person who is by their side

In general, infidels are self-centered people, they have no problem putting everything they want, want and feel above everything, even if they have a family, above themselves. They practically live blinded by their own desires. Without the ability to think clearly about what they are going to do or what they are doing, they do not look to the side, they simply focus on their new prey. Likewise, as a person who has a gun and points to the center to shoot, that way they see their new conquest.

It is not exactly that an unfaithful person does not love his wife, girlfriend, etc. Some do it simply because the opportunity arises, to “try new directions” or things like that. But one thing they all have in common is that before they do it they only think of themselves, and after committing infidelity they realize how much they love their partner and regret not having given them the love they deserved.

2. They regret having thought that being unfaithful is like a sign that they are still desired

As we had mentioned before, the infidels with egocentric people, who mainly show a safe and seductive side to be able to go after their new conquests. But behind all that facade, there is a rather insecure side. The infidel, in general, is a person who has always used seduction as the main weapon to gain acceptance from other people. In short, they see the conquest as quite an achievement.

The reality is like this, they dream of having a person to fall in love with, someone with whom the relationship is serious and stop feeling that need to conquer someone else. The infidels are people who also fall in love, but after a while of that infatuation, they fall back into temptation and feel that need to continue conquering to know if they are still irresistible. At some point, the infidels regret having risked everything, a family or a sincere love, simply for the fact of continuing to accumulate points.

3. They regret not having confessed said infidelity when they could, believing that they had control of the situation

The infidels believe that they have all the people at their feet, one of the common mistakes of this type of person is to believe that they can control the situation in a simple way. What they do not know is that other people can also see and with globalization the world has become even smaller.

Sometimes the infidel commits the innocent act of infidelity and then promises himself to change for the good of the people around him, however, they forget an important detail, erase the evidence. Then when they end up being caught, at that moment they begin to think what would have happened if they had confessed what had happened at the time.

4. They regret having done it, because they will never have freedom or full confidence again

It goes without saying that unfaithful people love freedom, of course, if they were unfaithful it was because at some point they used that freedom they had to commit the act of treason. However, bad for them, because if they use that trust to enjoy “up close” with other people, they are making a very serious mistake. Who would give freedom to an infidel? Probably if the affected couple did that they would be sinning silly.

One of the things that an infidel regrets is having used that freedom to transform it into his prison. The unfaithful person can be forgiven, there are many such cases, but a person who forgives will never fully trust her partner again, they will keep a close eye on her and that is not something she likes very much.

5. They regret having caused so much pain for someone whom they consider “a mistake”

The statistics are very clear, they indicate that there is a high percentage (75%) that the marriage that is contracted due to infidelity (marrying the lover) will end in divorce. After an infidelity, the chances that the new couple will live happily are almost nil.

The physical part does not play a fundamental role in this situation, no matter how beautiful or beautiful you are, it will always be a mistake. That is why the infidels always regret having left the previous partner, with whom they had true love, for whom today they offer the same.

Do not go flying from flower to flower, problems will always arise in couples and you have to have enough strength to be able to cope with that. It is not the solution to be unfaithful, it will not bring you anything good. Value your family and fight for it, that will fill you with fulfillment.

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