Every relationship we have in life is a mirror, the relationship with your parents, with your siblings, with your friends and with your partner. They say that the couple’s relationship is the most complicated in the sense that the person who accompanies us reflects what we are, the positive and the negative and every facet of your life, what you like or not, so if you have conflicts with yourself, these will become evident over time and will affect your relationship. Feeling insecure in your relationship is one of the many reflections of this mirror and that has nothing to do with your partner.

A relationship should be a celebration of life and not a source of anxiety and challenges. Sharing life with another person is a rewarding experience. If you feel insecure, your relationship will be a source of pain instead of happiness.

The most obvious signs of such insecurity are:

– constant anxiety about the possibility that your partner will leave you, feeling a great need for love and attention from your partner, looking for your partner to complete you, feeling possessive of your partner, spying on your partner, feeling a lack of trust with your partner, even if there are no reasons.

-Constant insecurity can take away a lot of energy and reduce your ability to enjoy life, but you must understand that it is not about your partner, but about yourself. There is nothing more wrong than blaming others for your insecurity. Nothing and no one is responsible for you feeling insecure, because insecurity comes from your thoughts, perceptions and conditioning. -Your family and friends love it, but you have some doubts. This insecurity is increased when you have had several failed relationships and suddenly you meet someone new. Perhaps for this reason, you feel that it is almost impossible not to have insecurities in this new romance.

Some recommendations so you can get these thoughts out of your mind, we propose are:

Don’t make comparisons. People who have had bad love experiences try to find similarities and differences between their present relationship and the past. Avoid doing this because it will only cause you not to enjoy the moments with your partner. Remember that he loves you. If your partner cares about you and you feel important to him, feel calm. Talk to your partner. Do not be afraid to tell him what is happening to you, so that together you can find a solution to the conflict. Avoid imagining things that don’t exist. If he’s late for an appointment, don’t feel like he’s lying to you. Ignore some comments. Be careful about telling anyone about your insecurities, each person has a particular opinion and listening to them only causes more confusion. Although everything seems to be fine, because he calls you often, he visits you at home,

You can have a good relationship, with an incredible man, you are in love, you feel happy and, despite everything, you have an insecurity that you cannot explain. Sometimes you think it’s hormonal issues, but many times it’s your own mental rolls playing against you: you assume things from the impressions you have, without asking or clarifying things, we confuse reality with fiction and in our head we put together stories that don’t even happen.

To begin with, stop confusing reality with fiction, it’s not just starting to imagine things, but we really believe them. It is important to recognize that in the relationship there must be moments of intimacy and closeness, as well as moments of personal space, which we must respect without fear that it means something bad. Stop wanting to control everything and thinking that every so often your partner must tell you that he loves you to make you feel calm. Let things flow, stop controlling others and live in peace. If you anguish more than you enjoy, you cannot be happy.

Realize that being on top of your partner all the time is not healthy. They don’t have to be together all the time to show their love for each other. Give him his space, leave him free and you will see how the moments you spend together will be better. This also applies if you are one of those who feel that you have to be reading your partner’s mind or guessing what they are thinking. This is a sign of anxiety and it gets you nowhere. If he says something, don’t assume he means the opposite, and if he doesn’t speak, don’t attribute meanings to silence that he doesn’t have.

The reason we feel incomplete and look for a person is because we have drifted away from our true nature. The best relationships are forged between people who don’t need anything from each other, but share their love for each other. There is so much space, independence and joy in a relationship that is not based on dependency. Find what makes you happy and don’t wait for someone to come and give it to you, only then will you be able to share the best of yourself without becoming dependent on someone else. You will feel like a complete person, willing to go through life with another person, not an incomplete woman waiting for someone to give you the half that you lack. Your relationship with your partner should be a source of happiness, not of anguish and insecurities.

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