The usual thing is that when you ask a man what his ideal woman would be, they tend to refer to the physical appearance and talk less about the psychological characteristics that she should possess.

But in the end, sooner or later we come to the conclusion that what matters most at the end of the day is that we find a special person, with whom we can be ourselves and with whom we can maintain a stable relationship of trust. and harmonious.

All men spend their entire lives looking for their ideal girl. Some have a defined “type”, others are still searching, but in general there are many things in common, which men seek beyond physical attraction that is a chemical issue that occurs or not.


This type of woman is great for those more introverted, shy and quiet men, in particular, because a woman with marked initiative and who knows what she wants, will always be proposing adventurous and interesting plans, while being great articulators of bringing out to the maximum the power of the men who have the joy of having her by their side. With these girls you will go far.

On the other hand, women like this are known for the intensity of their feelings, if they are with you they are with you, through thick and thin, as well as being very funny. They are spontaneous and fresh, so they won’t stop surprising you. If you have the grace to have a woman like that, take care of her because they are highly valued.


With this social woman you will never have a problem if you intend, for example, to go out with your friends to watch a soccer game.

She knows how to adapt to all situations and all kinds of people, she does not suffer from social interaction, nor should you be aware that she is having a good time, in fact, she enjoys meeting new people, soon she will be one more, they have a familiarity that attracts . Besides, she will never make you look bad in front of others.

A large part of the men find girls unpleasant all the time they are demanding attention and time to be exclusively with them.

As well as she will naturally understand that we all need our personal space to do other types of activities with other people in your life because of course she also has her own life and social circle.


Traditionally, it has been thought that it is the man who has to be the retailer of the relationship, the one who strives to surprise his partner with gestures and romantic as well as material details. He is the one who should give chocolates, invite dinner, invite to the movies and buy flowers, and the woman is a passive subject in the matter. Now that story is obsolete, it’s no more, times have changed everything is less stuffy, relationships are more spontaneous, so sometimes it’s good that it’s the woman who takes the initiative to have a detail to also make her man fall in love Although they do not verbalize it in an effusive way, men appreciate these gestures more than you can imagine.


Who would not like to have a fun woman by his side? Well, we are sure that the majority would like it, because at the end of the day, the fun of two is what strengthens the relationship the most. We are not talking about spending your life partying or playing jokes. The couple that laughs together is more united to face the constant challenges of life, and know how to take life with humor, even the bad situations that we all face, the sense of humor lightens the negative charge of the same, a fun girl, She will know how to steal a smile from her man even on the worst of days, and he will thank her forever.


Well, if what you want is a woman with whom you can live new experiences and adventures that will blow your mind and drive your senses to the limit, the curious girl would be your best option.

These girls love to try new things, they are not afraid to experiment and the word intensity defines them.

They are also usually the most adventurous in bed, they are never afraid to experiment to please their boy.

They need to live emotions that they have never experienced and that is good if it is within the framework of what is healthy. And all this adrenaline rush makes a man fall in love.

Those are the girls that a man wants to avoid monotony. Those who come to meet such a woman, prepare for the adventure.

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