When it comes to innovating in intimacy, we think that many elements come into play in creativity and not just everything that they have not yet tried together. However, you don’t have to think about it so much, sometimes it’s just enough to renew the most classic positions to fan the fire. The “missionary” pose, although it seems the simplest of all and the best known, just by applying a few changes it can be incredibly pleasant.

It is the most classic position, the most comfortable that is practiced. With it, both have the possibility of seeing each other face to face, of feeling and seeing how the breath becomes deeper while the intensity increases. It is a pose that nobody dislikes because the caresses will always be present. However, when looking for variation in sexual play, do not eliminate it from the possibilities, you will be surprised how pleasant it can be if you apply some creativity to it.

The 5 innovative versions of “the missionary”

The passionate missionary

This posture requires that the change that is applied to the classic pose is that you raise your legs and support them on the shoulders of your partner while he remains on his knees in front of you. This makes the penetration more intense and deep.

For better comfort of both, he can take you by the hips to better hold you and keep the rhythm.

It is also a position in which, according to Dr. Marta Meana, women enjoy seeing how their partner wants them in that dominant situation in which they find themselves.

The missionary blocker

The variation here is that you will be lying on the bed, but not as in the classic position with your legs spread, but you will keep them straight. However, your partner should sit on top of you with legs bent or squatting.

The interesting thing about this pose is that, by having the legs together, they work as a blocker for him, making the penetration much tighter, which generates a type of pressure inside, on the entire wall of the vagina. They love to feel that pressure since the movements are intense.

It is usually a recommended posture for men who do not have a large member.

The Missionary Caught

The difference here, is that he will not be on you. While you remain lying on the bed or other surface facing you, near the edge, your partner should remain standing. This is the innovation to the missionary pose that we already know.

It is called missionary held because it has to do with your partner holding your legs, because when he stands on the edge of the bed, he will hold your legs to perform the movements.

You can leave your legs straight or bent, depending on how they find penetration more comfortable. In this feeling comfortable with the pose, the size of your member has a great impact, since depending on how they are located, the penetration can feel more or less in depth.


It is called this way because of the way in which you must position yourself. Always lying on your back, your partner will be on top of you, the variation here has to do with the position of your legs, since you must lift them and bend them towards you.

To maintain the rhythm of penetration, he will take you by the thighs or hips and all the movement will be in his charge.

The nice thing about this position is the closeness of both. They would be facing each other and at the same time they could caress each other and feel each other.


With this posture it becomes more difficult but no less pleasant. It is about lying on your back, your partner kneels in front of you. Here you must perform the main movement. You will raise your legs and hook them to his back and waist, thus achieving a perfect fit and managing to stay in that pose without your legs slipping with the movement.

He, kneeling in front of you, will perform the penetration taking your hips with his hands on the surface on which you lie down. You can also help him by making force with your arms to move your hips.

In this pose, it is recommended to move the hips a little in circles, so that the friction is much more intense.

These are the five versions of the missionary position that can give you and your partner a pleasure that you did not think you could achieve with this pose that we all know and that has the reputation of being banal and routine, but its different versions can make you reach maximum point of sexual enjoyment and give it the deserved credit.

Something about the origin of “The missionary” that you did not know

This position, already with this name, has been around for several centuries, since the colonization of America to be more precise. Two stories with which it could have originated are commented on purpose. They say that the Spanish religious recommended this position to the natives, because it was calmer and in a certain way they had the intention of encouraging affection between the spouses.

Another version says that it was the one used by the missionaries to achieve safe fertilization. Although specialists cannot confirm that the use of this pose ensures fertilization.

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