What we are going to expose during this article are attraction techniques via whatsapp messages, so that you can prevent the boy you like from leaving you on seen or not directly answering you.

There are men who are simply clueless, there are others who are not really interested in what you write to them, or perhaps it may be that since they do not know you, they have no idea what to answer you, that they do not know if you are serious or joking. Whatever the reason, they end up leaving you on sight, which women do not like, because obviously if we dare to send a message, it is with the intention of maintaining a relationship with the person.

Due to the above, when you want to get a man’s attention, in order to get closer to him, it is best to send the following messages that we are going to expose below. Which will always have something that they can answer almost by common sense, and that will undoubtedly open a topic of conversation towards something deeper, so that they can get to know each other better.

There are also some that are more direct about the relationship you want with them, most are used in a subtle way to tell him that you are interested in him as more than just a friend. That is, they will allow you to leave the friend zone.

If it is that up to here, something of what we have said interests you, then continue reading, since next we present a list with five messages that are characterized by breaking the ice between your man and you, they will also position you in a different position to the friend zone and also, we guarantee that you will not stay watching the two blue doves.

– “Last night I dreamed with you”

From the beginning, you can pique his curiosity about what exactly you dreamed of him. Also, that in a subtle way you make him see that you think of him. This phrase also helps you get out of the friend zone and begin to enter a more romantic field.

Regardless of whether you really dreamed it, what is more important is to start a topic of conversation and break the ice. In the dream you can tell anything, for example: something that does not make sense.

But if you want to have a more concrete answer, then encourage yourself to tell him what you want to happen, of course on a romantic level and surely, you will have a clear answer to what he thinks or feels about his relationship with you. This will let you know for sure if he is looking for a friendship or something more.

– “Next weekend there is a party, do you want to go?”

In this message you are asking something, which requires a clear answer of “yes” or “no”. It’s also a surefire message in the sense that if you’re looking to find out if he’s really into you, chances are you’ll be able to get a solid lead from the answers above. Clearly, if he shows interest in going to the party with you, it is because he wants to get to know you better and he may be thinking of seeing the possibility of having something more serious with you. But if he says “no” and doesn’t bother to explain anything else or to see the possibility of getting together another day, then chances are he’s not interested in you.

– “The other day I remembered you because I heard this song”.

It may be that there really is a song that reminds you of him, either because it says his name in the song or because it is somehow related to some interest of his.

It is enough that you can know a little about his musical tastes, and you can tell him that, for example: you remember him with his favorite music.

This is a very effective message in the sense that: On the one hand, he will see that you are interested in him, that you know what his favorite music is, and that also, it may be that you have an affinity in terms of the style of music you listen to.

Without a doubt, it is a very creative way to start a conversation about music, we advise you to do some research about the groups he listens to in general and to know what he is talking about. It’s a great change from always saying, “Hi, how are you?”

– Buy this movie, shall we see it?

This is a slightly more direct phrase. Since you are inviting him to make a slightly more intimate plan. Probably they will do it in some house and also, it may be that the only guest is him or that you have invited a small group of friends.

Men love to watch movies that interest them, try never to make him watch a movie about very rosy novels (unless it’s an exception and he likes them). Regardless of the movie, if he is interested, he knows that it is a moment to be alone with you, to get to know you better, and perhaps to advance a little more in the relationship. That’s why it’s almost impossible for him to tell you “no” or even leave you on seen. Also if he is interested in seeing how your friends are, he may be even more interested in the panorama.

-How boring, shall we do something?

WhatsApp chatting

In this comment he knows that you are available to go out and it is not so obvious that you are not doing something to go out with him. You are just bored, you want to do something and as you see that maybe he is also available, then you want to do something with him.

The key to this pseudo-invitation is to know what you want to do or possible plans that you can propose, that is, not to leave the conversation as if saying that you want him to propose everything, the idea is that you know that he would be interested in contacting you.

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