6 Amazing First Date Ideas for a First Date

Have you ever struggled to think of a place where your first date will be exciting and result in the way you dreamed?If yes than this post is for you!I offer you 50 first date ideas.

Restaurant with a view. If you have a choice, pick a restaurant with a view, be it a garden, the horizon or the sea.

Pick a restaurant that serves an exotic, ethnic cuisine neither of you has ever tried before. Be as daring as you can with what you order. You just might like it!

Boat ride. Pick what you intend to do, a romantic paddle boat or one with an oar, or a jet ski to make the date exciting.

A stand up show. Standup comedy is always funny, and a perfect date idea if you can couple it with dinner, either after the show or during the show.

Attend a concert and sing out loud to one another. Rocking out – even if you’re more Beethoven than Bon Jovi – is a great stress reliever.

Amusement Park. Now this is lots and lots of fun,but keep in mind that you will really spend cash on it.But if its worth it what are you waiting for?Go to the haunted house,the roller coasters everything!

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