Doing it in your car is not as easy as it may sound. For those who have tried it, you may have noticed the typical pitfalls: avoiding hard objects like the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, and gear stick, and getting into a comfortable enough position to be able to finish the task is quite a challenge.

From rear-mounted radars to self-parking vehicles, we’re impressed by the car company’s ingenuity. But having sex in the car has been a big challenge since the invention of the Ford Model A, and there seems to be no end to the problems of having sex in the car.

Right now, engineers are working around the clock to put Wi-Fi in their latest models, but no GM is bothering to give you enough room to comfortably have acrobatic sex in the back seat. It’s a shame.

Since our job is to make it work, we are obliged to share the tips that will be useful to you. So grab the keys to your mom’s Volvo and find a dark spot in the Best Buy parking lot as we’re going to introduce you to the Top 10 Positions For Car Sex.

But first some other advice…

clean your car

Okay. I understand that there is a high possibility that you will end up having sex without planning it. Spontaneous sex is the best after all.

However, make sure you clean your car. Women want to have sex in a clean space and a dirty car with Coca Cola bottles and McDonald’s bags can kill their excitement. So have a clean car friend.

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Do not get caught

Yes, having sex in public spaces can be classified as a misdemeanor and you can go to prison. But theoretically speaking, here’s how you can maximize your comfort and minimize your chances of getting caught — if you’ve ever thought about doing it in your Audi.

turn off the car

People have died doing it in the car. #cannotwait just stop driving because it’s for the best. Park please.

Do it at night or when it’s dark

In order to have a more than certain inhabitant, it is better that the meeting be at night — although it may be difficult to see inside the car, because everything will be dark. If you are totally convinced to do it in a small mobile space in broad daylight, then your glasses are adequate, and nothing can be seen inside.

move slower

There’s nothing like getting caught up in the moment and accidentally bumping it into the glove box, dome light, or rearview mirror.

Make sure the interior lights are not turned on by the door handle

THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT. If someone pulls the door handle from outside, it will illuminate the entire car with the dome light. Not only will you be totally exposed, but quite insecure, because you can’t see who is on the other side. Which happens in a lot of horror movies.

Also, if one of you accidentally hits the door handle on the inside of the car, you’ll bring all the dirt to light. Do everyone a favor: Lock your doors and check your owner’s manual to learn how to turn off your car’s automatic interior lights.

Remember where the horn is

Is the horn in the middle of the steering wheel? Is it on the sides? Find out; and then DON’T PRESS HER.

Keep/Keep your voice down

Do you know who screams in the middle of the night? People having orgasms and people being murdered. If a passerby listens, they will probably call the police not knowing he is dead. Don’t be a screamer.

Keep essentials close at hand: baby wipes, water, lubricant, and gum

Since oral sex is the most possible maneuver while in a vehicle, it makes sense to want to have a handful of nuggets in your pocket. No one is forced to swallow and I know you don’t want to clean up the mess that may be left behind.

If someone’s fluids get on the interior, leather is always easier to clean — which is why I chose leather as the material on my newest car.

As always, don’t litter

Think of the children! And the baby birds that can choke to death on your used condom. Don’t throw your trash out the window when you’re done. If you’re not conscientious enough to care about the impact on the ecosystem, at least keep in mind that when you leave evidence, you’ve just exposed your love affair.

Flexibility is the key

Unless you or your parents have a large vehicle, hopefully both of you are either small or flexible.

Expand your space with a sunroof

If you have a sunroof you can open it to give yourself more headroom, but you’ll still likely trip over the shifter.

#1 Modified Puppy

For the modified doggy style, you can either start in the traditional doggy style position (which can be a bit tricky in a car), or have both of you go right into this position by lowering your bodies until they are nearly flat.

This can be done in the back seat, as well as in the passenger seat with a bit of effort. But you have to get the passenger seat as flat as possible so you don’t put their backs in a rather awkward arch. Although, an arched back on your side leads to deeper penetration — just a fun little tidbit to know, if you didn’t already.

#2 Oral Sex

Your girl can put your package in her mouth while you’re driving – slowly and carefully. Avoid potholes or culverts and keep your eyes on the road at all times, and if you feel like you’re losing it, stop the car immediately. For a blowjob it is not worth damaging your vehicle or losing the mobility of your legs or worse, the life of your girlfriend or someone else.

lick it

You can also lick it. The best way to do this is for her to lean back in the back seat and do it. What is also quite easy is that you lie with your back in the back seat with your knees up and she sits with her vagina on top of you. hey! Let the speech begin. 

#3 Woman on top

This position is awesome and can work in the back seat, passenger seat, or even the driver’s seat, but you need to move away from the steering wheel so there’s no unnecessary honking with every move.

So how is it done? Very simple. You sit down and she gets on top of you.

#4 Modified Missionary

First of all, you’ll want to look up the normal missionary position for this position. Then, let her bring her knees up while you bend over slightly.

It’s just the normal missionary but a bit more compact. Due to the bent position of the knees. This position can work reclining in the back seat or the passenger seat.

#5 (Head to Head) Spoon  

Unless you’re incredibly well endowed or have your own extra wide Caddy, this is going to be tricky. Remember that you are not in a queen size bed in Bali. In other words: you’re going to have to sacrifice a little face-to-face intimacy , for the sake of doing it in a parking lot in the dark.

So how to do it? You have two options. You can do the normal spoon position and penetrate her from behind. The other option is to spoon face to face. Both are incredible!

#6 Out of the Car

The hood of the car is an amazing platform for all kinds of activities: You can do it while she leans her legs on your shoulders, her butt on the edge of the car or you can do it from the front or back while leaning her body on the hood – and you get fresh air at the same time.

Like I said, sex in the car can be fun! It’s all about not being afraid to try other positions because of the limited space in the car. You should also take note that car sex isn’t just for high school or college kids; You’ll never be old enough to have sex in a car, so if you get the chance, do it.

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