If you are a woman who wants to have an affair and know how to make a younger man fall in love with you, keep in mind that there are innumerable reasons why a younger man can date an older woman, although I will reveal 6 of the most common reasons below. common reasons why a young man falls in love with an older woman .

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  • 1 6 Reasons why a young man falls in love with an older woman
    • 1.1 Lust
    • 1.2 For fun
    • 1.3 To escape the ticking of the biological clock
    • 1.4 By Oedipus
    • 1.5 For the experience
    • 1.6 For Love

6 Reasons why a young man falls in love with an older woman


sexual desire. After all, nature has played a bad trick on humans with women reaching their sexual peak later in life than men. So this is one way to balance things out! Not only that, but if a younger man finds you attractive, whether you look for it or not, his attention is always flattering. He allows your self-esteem to rise as he sees yourself as the attractive and attractive woman that you really are. Enjoy it!

For fun

Cyndi Lauper says “Girls just want to have fun.” So go ahead and have fun with that younger man who might be looking for the same thing. Sometimes life gives you an opportunity and you have to take advantage of it. That’s what the movie ” How Stella Got Her Groove Back ” was about. A beautiful and rich divorcee settled in the routine, devoted to work and her daughter, decides to go on vacation to Jamaica and flirts with a young man 20 years younger.

To escape the ticking of the biological clock

Younger women are often concerned about their biological clocks, and for good reason. If you want to have children, time runs out at some point. But with an older woman, he no longer believes in “family” or he already has her family, so the pressure of children on the younger man does not exist, so he will dedicate himself only to enjoying you and yours. relationship.

by Oedipus

The term for this classic psychological motivation was coined by our friend Dr. Sigmund Freud. The Oedipus complex is actually based on Greek mythology and a tragic play by Sophocles. The briefest explanation, when a young man seeks the love of his mother, but of another woman. Maybe he admires you. Maybe he appreciates your ability to nurture and the wisdom that only time can bring. It’s not that terrible actually. Actually, it’s flattering when someone looks up to you.

One of the best ways to learn life’s lessons is through a mentor, and while playing as an expert, you can enjoy the company of a younger man.

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for the experience

Some younger men date older women simply to gain experience. What a service you are doing for the other women you will contact in your life. Many people enjoy the teacher/student relationship. Just keep it out of the actual classroom and you’ll be ready for a revealing and inspiring situation.

For love

Last but not least is that he could date you for love. Some younger men can’t help who they fall for. He saw you, he was struck by your beauty and charm, and he fell madly in love. It really happens. Today there are several examples of older women dating younger men, such as Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore, Katie Couric and Brooke Perlin, and many others. It’s all the rage in Hollywood and for good reason. Because this romance that was previously frowned upon has now become acceptable. Chemistry is something that cannot be easily explained.

These are some of the reasons why  a young man falls in love with an older woman. So stop worrying about that guy being younger than you and what others might think.

You deserve every flattering and delicious moment that young man can provide you so just let yourself go and…

Enjoy the moment !

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