Did you know that having sex two or three times a week makes you a happier woman? Not only your face gives you away, but also your way of acting. This happens because during sexual intercourse your body releases the well-known hormones of happiness called endorphins, capable of working as an analgesic, as demonstrated by the University of Oxford.

During intercourse, you as a woman release oxytocins, known as “love molecules”, which subsequently influence the release of endorphins, which create a sensation of pleasure. Precisely that is a very powerful reason that leads women to love sex. And when your life reaches a level of maturity, there are certain things that you leave in the background. We invite you to meet them!

1. Physical perfection

Do you remember what your requirements were to date a man when you were 15 years old? Tall, light-eyed, dark-skinned, fair-skinned, popular… and the list goes on. All shallow! As the years go by, your requests change radically. Mature! Although you are looking for a boy whose physical appearance attracts you, what really interests you is that his feelings are sincere and when you find him you have no inhibitions about showing your beautiful curves as they are.

Perfectly sculpted bodies stay in magazines or soap operas, but in real sex it is not always like that and as you know, you express yourself freely in bed because you know that there is nothing more exciting than feeling that you are sure of yourself. .
2. Less is more

When you were a teenager, you yearned to have unrestrained sex with your boyfriend, encounters that if possible would last until dawn. However, a mature woman understands that it is not about quantity but about quality; from an unexpected and explosive moment in the early hours of the morning to making her most desired sexual fantasies come true for a whole night.

3. You break stereotypes

The only thing you need to spend a night of lust and passion is to make sure that both of you desire each other’s bodies. You know that pornography is an ingredient that can work to increase sexual arousal and the desire to reach orgasm; however, it is not essential in real sex.

4. You order what you like

When you have not reached the right level of maturity, you leave your pleasure in the hands of your partner, and that means abandoning yourself. When, on the other hand, you define yourself as mature, you are able to emit with your words, visual signals and moans the things that really drive you crazy in bed. From caresses on your breasts and neck, to the desired oral sex. Having by your side a man who inspires confidence, passion and desire inspires all kinds of behaviors, even those that are not “accepted”.

5. You stop asking yourself: what did he think of me?

If you are a girl who fully exercises your sexuality, you know how to get rid of any guilt or shame during sexual intercourse. If you are convinced that you chose the right one and you still do not have any commitment, both know that the moments they share together are saved as such.

6. The before and after

Not all self-confident women have a stable relationship. If you are in this situation, you recognize that you go out with all kinds of men, but that you are not willing to end up in bed with all of them, first because you are not attracted to it and then out of self-esteem. You know that adolescent dream of finding Prince Charming is just that, a dream. In any case, if you end up with him under the sheets, you will be clear that your relationship with him could remain there or perhaps become stronger.

Adopt the thought of Marilyn Monroe: “Sex is part of nature. And I get along wonderfully with nature.” So yes, take care!

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