Intelligent and mature women have the ability to carry out a successful, happy and lasting union, leaving aside the stereotypes and complexes that are experienced in moments of immaturity when dreaming of the ideal and perfect person that is idealized within the mind. .

Women manage to experiment throughout their emotional life until they reach the point of reaching sentimental maturity and thanks to this they get rid of many behaviors that lead to failure and mistakes within relationships. In addition, as time goes by, selectivity develops for friendships and the choice of partner, this is because our needs change with growth.

At this point of emotional intelligence, a control over emotions is perceived, which allows improving the choice of correct decisions, causing better results to be perceived and things to work correctly in the couple’s interaction. Over the years, human beings acquire knowledge and wisdom about interaction as a couple. A firm criterion is acquired and it is not considered correct to follow myths or customs about love.

At this stage things are seen from a more realistic perspective and one does not dream of having a fairy tale within the relationship. These things that mature and intelligent women do not expect to have within the relationship are what keep them happy, motivated and allow them to maintain lasting and productive relationships.

1- They avoid believing that they will be rescued, a woman with emotional maturity knows herself and knows that she does not require others to be happy. She recognizes that she has the strength to face life alone without feeling less than the others who have a partner, it is not selfish, she knows that she is the author of her own happiness, she understands that happiness must come from within and that being with a person does not generate it, assumes that couples are to share happiness and when they want to be with someone it is for pleasure and not necessity.

2- An intelligent woman knows that she will not be able to win all the discussions that are generated in the relationship, however, they do not seek to create discussions or conflicts, they know that when an inconvenience is generated, the most assertive way to solve it is to talk about it respectfully and Frankly, in this way, she will be able to reach an agreement between the two without the need to increase the controversy, she knows that the dialogue will achieve benefits for both.

3- He perfectly understands that the perfect man does not exist, therefore, he knows that the package includes virtues and defects to deal with, he knows and accepts with grace that not everything will turn out well and he esteems the physical in the background, he considers a man who can supply essential their emotional and cultural needs. She is understanding in recognizing that she will have to endure some ups and downs in relationships but that this is part of the process of loving.

4- Recognizes that the relationship will not be perfect, maturity helps you understand that problems can always arise but you can deal with them and get ahead if you work hard and maintain open communication with your partner to face the various challenges, discussions and conflicts that arise when making the decision to share life with another person.

5- She does not allow herself to be supported by her partner, a mature woman recognizes that financial support is crucial, however, she does not expect her partner to take care of all her debts. She is smart and knows that she can stand on her own and demonstrate her ability to support herself.

She avoids being supported because this would deprive her of her abilities to make decisions for herself, she prefers to remain free and independent in her life, feeling capable and full without running the risks of dependency.

6- Mature women avoid being demanding and possessive, they do not ask their partners to abandon their habits, customs, friends or activities that make them happy, they only make requests when any of these things manages to violate their physical or moral integrity. In case you detect a danger you can make suggestions about it but you do not feel in the power to force anything.

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