Our hands are the magical part of our body that allows us to feel and make other people feel affection, desire, love or endless feelings, without them, we would be limited to feeling, so why not use them when having hot moments in life? the sex? Most people go straight to the point and forget that they can have a more intimate experience and climax in a better way by causing explosive sensations with our hands, so we are going to give you 7 important points to use your hands during the sex

Whether you are a man or a woman, remember that everything depends on your imagination and that each couple is different, but our general advice will guide you so that you have explosive sex with your partner and cause a sensation of porn slowness towards her. The important thing is that they enjoy the experience and want to repeat it by adding new things to their sexual activity.

Take note and start enjoying the experience:

1- Pulling your hair: Men and women love this, because in both areas they feel psychologically more penetrated in the act. The person who pulls the hair feels that he has power over the other person, thus feeling that he is dominating the individual and the act itself, although we recommend that you do not do it with great force so as not to cause discomfort and pain in the other person, and attention is thus diverted from the sexual act. On the other hand, the person who feels that they are pulling their hair, feels excited to be dominated and make her prisoner feel pleasure.

2- Caresses: The body of women and men is full of nerve endings that pass blood flows quickly and make the person feel in a state of climax. All of them are very sensitive to touch and sensations with saliva. The man’s penis, for example, has millions of nerve endings that cause arousal. We recommend touching him from top to bottom and making delicate squeezes when you reach the head of the penis or the base of it, this will concentrate his blood flow and make him explode with excitement. On the other hand, the woman’s clitoris is full of nerve endings that cause exciting sensations when touched, so we recommend that you touch it slowly in circular and rectangular movements for a while. One of the parts of men that has more nerve endings are the testicles, so touch them gently and make love with your hands so that your partner feels the pressure of desire. It is important that in all of them you do not put too much force or you will cause pain instead of pleasure.

3- Help during oral sex: While your mouth plays the main role, your hands are completely free to go where they want. If you are a woman, use them to touch his entrances and his testicles and then, suck his balls and touch his penis with your hands, so the concentration and the stimulation will be even greater than imagined. And if you are a man, while you use your mouth and your tongue to suck her vagina, use your fingers to introduce them and thus cause the sensation of penetration at the same time as oral sex. You will see that she will thank you later, you can stimulate her anus, touch her breasts or stimulate your penis with some neck pulls; You can also play oral sex and touch her legs, her hips and all the sides that would excite you to be touched, in this way the climax will come faster and harder. You just have to use your imagination and let yourself be carried away by your hands. You will see that you will enjoy it.

4- Show him the way. One of the things you can do during sex is to show her the way if you see that he or she is not using her hands. Guide him and take your partner’s hands so that you pass him where you like and indicate the slowness or movement that he has to do while they are in the sexual act. This type of games increases the fire and causes more desire between the two. You can take his hand slowly and run it through your body until you reach the desired part, and then gently teach him how to touch you or what to do, use sensual words if necessary, with a few moans or facial features, You will make it clear what you like and what you don’t.

5- Submit: Use your hands to hold the other person, take their arms or have control of their body giving the feeling that you are dominating the other person. Plant him some exciting quicos that take his breath away and being extreme to violate sexual suffocation. Hold her face or her whole body and submit her to do what you want and when you want it.

6- Send him a message: We recommend that, if you are going to see your partner later, send him a whats app telling him everything you want to do to him. Detailing where you want him to touch you or where you want him to explore you with his hands. Detail specifically what you need to reach orgasm and not everything is focused on penetration. This will increase the fire noticeably. In addition, you can play with sexy photos without showing your face, but rather insinuating body parts to shock your partner and make them desire before they see each other.

Remember that for war and sex, anything goes. So don’t limit yourself and also implement new strategies that will help you and your partner to have unforgettable experiences under the sheets.

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