At the moment in which the person with whom we have a relationship tells us that it is time to meet his family, we immediately perceive that things are serious and the next step, we think about the reaction of his family, especially of His mother and the worst possible scenarios go through our minds, because although we are very sure of what our man feels for us, we do not have to be geniuses to know that his family plays a fundamental factor when the relationship can continue to work well or if on the contrary the problems begin because ultimately we are not to the liking of the relatives of our gallant.

Of course, there is another no less important detail, the sister(s) of your partner, in case they have them, because surely their opinion will also be very important, especially if they have a strong bond and love each other as siblings. true, because there they will want the best for them and they can become really demanding. Although, this does not happen in all cases and instead of being your friend when you see each other, the environment is uncomfortable.

Now, if you feel identified with some or all of these situations and you want to change them from the root to put things in your favor, or maybe soon you will meet the family of your boyfriend and you want to get along with everyone, then we give you some recommendations for you to make it.

1.- Ask your boy about his sister’s hobbies

Take seriously the task of knowing your sister-in-law, that way when you see each other you will have a topic of conversation and there will be no spaces of discomfort between you, in addition she will feel comfortable with you because she will discover that you have things in common and that you have potential so that they are great friends and she will be happy for the woman that her beloved brother found. And in addition to this, with this act your boy will perceive that his family is also a priority for you and this will give you many extra points.

2.- Invite her to a girls day

Sharing quality time with your boyfriend’s sister is something very strategic, the mere fact of going shopping, to the movies or having a coffee, can make your bond stronger and you gain an ally in your relationship, because the opinion and the advice of these, are extremely important for good men. Starting from the fact that daughters resemble our mothers and we even end up becoming an extension of their being in every sense of the word, there are sisters who are too important in the lives of their brothers, especially when they are their sisters. older, because perhaps they have even participated in their upbringing.

3.- Be kind

We advise you not to overdo it with compliments, but in a very subtle way try to always smile and comment on their makeup or outfit. Courtesy will always be a rule of behavior that makes a very good impression on those who are still getting to know us, so you will be able to please her and as a consequence of this she could have a positive influence on the way the other members of the family see you.

4.- Sometimes take their side

When they are with your crush and he calls his attention for something meaningless, take his side. Of course, when things have logical arguments, because otherwise he will notice that you are biased just to please him. But in case your sister-in-law is your boy’s younger sister and you risk siding with her for whatever reason, she will love you! Because in this case you could become an ally for her.

5.- Show your good intentions

This is something that good sisters always want to be clear about their brothers’ partners, they will always fight because their sisters-in-law are women of good feelings and a noble heart, especially that they are constantly showing it to their brothers, because for them It is very important to make sure that you are sincere, so whenever you can, expose what you feel for him in front of her and show it through acts when you have the opportunity.

6.- Avoid jealousy

Do not allow yourself to fall into this situation and always try to avoid jealousy, remember that both will always be paramount in your partner’s life, so you do not have to get angry if you do not see each other because she needs your help or you will have an afternoon of brothers . You have to learn to handle this situation because she is going to be his sister for life, he will be the uncle of his children and she will be the aunt of hers, so you will most certainly continue to share many moments with her, that is why It is essential that you learn to respect those spaces and that you assimilate as much as possible that your man already existed before he met you and that his family will always be a fundamental part of what he is as a person, therefore if you are a moderately intelligent woman you will know how to take advantage of that point in your favor and not against you. That’s why be yourself

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