One of the constant questions that most women ask is how to lose weight in a healthy, safe and fast way, but very few focus on finding the approved methods to achieve this goal, that is why today we present the 7 breakfasts more successful, that manage to burn fat from the abdomen and that have also been named with supporting studies, as efficient.


Even if they say otherwise, size does matter. At least when it comes to grain. According to an investigation carried out at the Pennsylvania State University, it was found that when we serve cereals with milk they remain crushed and lose size, so we take more than necessary. Researchers confirm that this happens mostly when they are smaller. 700-calorie breakfasts are much more effective for weight loss than 300-calorie breakfasts.

“People underestimate the number of calories in those bowls,” says Katy Lindenmuth, where she explains that “if you choose larger cereals, you will be consuming fewer calories without noticing the difference.”


It is indisputable that oat bran is not the most attractive food to be the main part of our nutrition from the first hour, but scientists confirm that it is the smartest choice. New research published in the journal Appetite determined that one of the main nutrients in this food is fiber, which makes us feel satisfied for a longer time, which means that hunger will not appear for a while after breakfast. and we can avoid the cravings for the rest of the day, which favors us in many ways to those who want to lose weight.


We must never forget to eat breakfast to regulate our appetite, and incidentally, not go malnourished through life. This does not mean that it has to be a banquet like the ones at the end of the year, nor does it want to give us all the tastes. In such a way you will not lose weight and you know that well. And if you still didn’t know it, the scientists themselves tell you: a team of Israeli researchers confirmed how people varied their nutrition depending on the calories ingested at breakfast. To take into account how important the first meal of the day is, as a detail can change your nutrition and therefore your weight. To verify this said investigation, they carried out two groups, one consumed 700 calories at breakfast, 500 at lunch and 200 at dinner and the other consumed them in exactly the opposite way: 200, 500 and 700 calories, respectively.

The results, published in the journal Obesity, confirmed that after following the diet for two weeks those who had eaten 700 calories for breakfast lost two and a half times more weight than the opposite group, perhaps due to the fact that the metabolism is more effective in the morning.


Research done at the University of Missouri showed that a high-protein breakfast stimulates the secretion of a very powerful satiety signaler (the intestinal hormone peptide YY) so hunger is decreased and we eat less during the rest of the day. “This feeling seems to last for most of the day and lasts until late at night,” confirmed Heather Leidy, lead author of the study.


We have always thought that juice is the perfect complement to a healthy breakfast, but this is not the case, it is a drink with a very high sugar content that eliminates many of the nutrients of natural fruit. 250 ml of orange juice is equivalent to seven tablespoons of sugar, that is, 115 calories, while a can of Cola of 33 centiliters has 139.


Several studies have confirmed that eating eggs in the morning is more efficient for weight loss than other high-calorie foods. Thanks to the high amount of protein they provide, around 5.5 grams per half egg, we are satisfied for a longer time. That was not all; Eggs contain a nutrient called choline that improves nervous system function and cardiovascular health. So, don’t do it every day. Don’t forget that a maximum of four eggs a week is recommended so don’t overeat them.


It is not very common in our gastronomy, but if you have tried it and you like it, maybe you could start including peanut butter in your breakfasts.

A study conducted at the University of Vicosa and published in the British Journal of Nutrition concluded that participants who ate this sweet cream in the morning decreased their appetite thanks to increased levels of the aforementioned peptide YY, also known as the ‘hormone of satiety’. Rarely, their blood sugar levels were lower than those derived from eating a plate of carbohydrates. Keep in mind that only two tablespoons of this food have 190 calories: eat in moderation.

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